Should a Cpl be forced to join a cpls mess and have to pay a mess bill ?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by KNAGGSY, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Hi all

    I am on a ftrs (HC) contract and have been told that i must join the cpls club and pay a mess bill.

    as i am home comitment i do not live on camp and have very little use for the club.

    having spoken to other cpls on camp i am been told i should be able to opt out but the SSM is telling me i must join

    i am aware that senior ranks have to be members of the mess but should a junior rank?

    can any one point me in the right direction ( as i need to prove it in black and white ) i have tried QRs

    but with no look

    any sensible info greatly accepted

  2. As a Cpl, you have to be a member of the Cpls mess. Simples.

    No "I" in "team"....though there is "me"
  3. Depends on Capbadge, QR's only state Seniors have to be a member of a Mess or Association
  4. That's not what I was told. When in Warminster we were made to be members of 2RGJs Cpls Mess, as we were attached. We argued the toss that we didn't work with them, weren't living on the same camp, and could we opt out. A resounding "no" was the answer.

    To be fair, once we started making the effort to attend the mess, to get our monies worth, it was a good laugh.
  5. Walk into the SSM's office, pour petrol over yourself then set yourself alight. That'll teach him!
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  6. Tho the op. There you go thread answered for you by smudge. I'm not gonna give you all the you should be grateful toss as I'm sure some will, but if you have to join make the most of it. You will get out what you put in.
  7. It's the Army - if you can't take a joke, you shouldn't have joined (or signed the FTRS contract, in your case).

    Serving means taking the rough with the smooth - it's amazing how many people forget that these days.

    Can you really not afford the few quid a month it will cost you?
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  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There's also "U" in **** is my normal reply*

    Not you personally of course (smudge67)
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  9. I bet if they told you that FTRS personnel could not be a member you would be moaning like **** about how come some corporals are members of a mess and you are not allowed.

    How about handing the tapes in and your problem is solved.
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  10. "They" often say that, but QRs really only does say Seniors and Officers have to be mess members.

    They can't make you become a member, just like they can't make you buy sqn T-shirts, TRFs, stable belts, regimental rank slides etc...
  11. I had a great time in the Cpls mess, but like i said, it differs with capbadge
  12. :hug:

    Pathetic, you brown-nosing sycophant

    Was has Smudge got about you eh?
  13. Not as much as I have.

    I'm agreeing with Spacker1 on this. Somebody shoot me.
  14. Cpl's mess in Wulfen was the best crack of my career. Stop bitiching and pay your subs!!
  15. Don't bother being a member, stay at home and never contribute anything to your mess. But don't ******* whine when you never get selected for promotion and stay a bitter and twisted **** stick for the rest of your career.