Shots Fired in Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. Anyone fancy a dog fillet slightly rare to supplement their rations?

    South Korean troops have fired warning shots at soldiers from the North amid rising tension over North Korean plans to test a nuclear weapon.
    Early reports suggest that about 40 shots were fired when soldiers crossed into the demilitarised zone.

  2. 40 Warning shots?! Were they hard of Hearing?

    Oh to have the luxury of 40 rounds to be able to fire off as warning shots...

  3. In the article they mentioned the N Koreans might have just "been fishing". Whether they meant fishing for contact, or literal fishing I don't know - but there have been cases of N Korean soldiers trying to make contact with the South to try and scrounge food as they are underfed and live in poor conditions.

    May also have just been a S.Korean N.D followed by a "contact front" to hide the man's shame :p
  4. The DMZ is taken very seriously and shots are fired at trabsgressors without any warning. We sometimes had to go in with the War Graves people if a trench was uncovered etc. All timings had to be adhered to in and out. Physical description of those entering. Took about a week to set up.
  5. Quick, Horatio. To the bunker! Awaaaay!
  6. "Why did you fire 40 warning shots?"

    "I ran out of ammo"

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