Shots fired at Waterloo station

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Quick! Do an emergency headcount of the Brazilians.
  2. "The suspect is believed to be black, the officer said."

    No sh*t Sherlock!!
  3. But this time the person got in first, must`ve been a shock for the coppers. Anyway the gov banned the public owning handguns in the UK...... :roll:
  4. It's cos dey woz disrespektin his seff. braaap braaap.

    Booom Boom, y'no wot ah mean, right?
  5. Jill Cartwright, 35, a yoga teacher from Putney blah blah blah blah:

    "It didn't sound like a real gun, it sounded something like a starter gun, but it shocked us."

    WTF would a yoga teacher from Putney know about the sound of real guns?!?!
  6. Have you seen Putney now its been "Enriched"? It's like fecking dowtown Mogadishu when the Yanks are in town..
  7. What a load of contradictory nonsense. "It wasnt a real gun, but even if it wasn't, which it might have been"

    I especially liked it that on seeing two officers chasing a suspect her first reaction wasnt to assist the police/assist the offender/scream racism like any normal member of the public, she laughed and whistled the tune to the bill! Quality!
  8. Putney was never my area of choice, but I've been out there a few times. I've been out in worse places.
  9. The incident happened right outside my office and we were gated for a good hour or so until the police had searched the area. Suffice it to say I didn't hear anything and I know what gunshots sound like!
  10. Barnes for example. All the time I was there I couldn't stop thinking that I was in Pleasantville, a town from the film of the same name, or at least the version of Pleasantville the Daily Mail would write! :D
  11. I think a lot of Germans were saying exactly the same thing in 1945 :lol:
  12. No, the Daily Mail would write, "Battle of Waterloo"
  13. You might need to get your hearing tested... 8)
  14. Can't say I have a lot of sympathy at £42k before overtime.