Shots fired at PSNI

a bit of a "lets make a mountain out of a mole hill" scenario to me. why drag up the masserene killings in this. something only the media could do.
True, Its only to make a story same what happend in Armagh City on Wedneday/Thursday with the mortor find they said to the killings.

Lets not forget that under Blair all Terrorist incidents in N.I were gradually hidden from the general public due to an agrement with the press.
The BBC Panaroma special 3 weeks ago highlighted the number of incidents currently running at around 3 a week that the new haed of the PSNI refers to as criminal incidents as terrorist related is politically inconvienent.
So far we have been lucky, several CWIED, VBIEDs abd horizontal mortars not to mention SAF and IVCP,s that since MArch have resulted in no deaths, but unfortunatly it is only a matter of time before the Dissidents managed to pull off another 'successful' attack.
The BBC is currently carrying this story on the UK page as a small byline, if Police were shot at by criminals let alone terrorists on the main land it would be the Headline and all of the place.


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Army experts are also investigating a vehicle which was driven through a check point and abandoned outside the poilice HQ in Belfast

Did it ever go away?
vvaannmmaann said:
Thanks Sandy.Amid all the "Peace Process" guff,these things can get forgotten.
Oh, I don't think their contribution to the security effort has been forgotten. :wink:

How do you think they got Ministerial posts? Talent? Guffaw.


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Werewolf said:
vvaannmmaann said:
Did I mention that McGuinness and Adams are British Army touts?
Say again, only LOUDER!!! :twisted:
Why dosen't somebody claim to the papers I was their handler for MI5 ( or which ever one it was)
You might eventually get a walt tag
By then thiose two may have had a one way interview with a black and decker and some tar and feathers
Not suprising that this government is covering up things, I mean when have they lied to us in the past?
They left a bomb at the headquarters of the policing board.
The swine this is nothing more than an outrageous attack on the fine work of those brave Sinn Feiners who have stepped up to support our police service.
I for one am shocked and hope fervantly that this will in no way discourage them. If this sort of thing continues may I suggest purely in the interest of securing the peace processs and the personal safety of Sinn Fein members of the policing boards; they should suggest an immediate formation of a of part time force made up of members of society dedicated to preserving the peace and backing up the police service.

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