Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sniper_bob, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Didn't know where to post this.. so I'll try here.

    I've been given a pair of knackered old (very old!) shotguns and want to restore them. I can deal with the locks and stocks ok, but any tips on where to get the barrells re-bored and re-blued??

    (Await incoming.)
  2. Post in the QM's as well. Plenty of gun boffins there.
  3. {Best Cockerney accent} RIGHT! What ya wonna do is pop dan the Dog and Duck and ask for Ray the Bookie, he will tell ya where to find Dodgy Dave. Now Dave is an all round master mind and will, in turn point you in the direction of "The Yellow Pages". Nudge nudge, wink wink!
  4. Just the personal recommendation I was looking for... I hate Google.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Are they hammer guns? If so and they are from a reputable maker it may be worth getting them sleeved. Are they currently in proof, can you see gaps when the guns are closed? Do they function in any way at all or are you happy with a couple of restored (sensitively) wall hangers that can be off ticket?
    Answer these questions and work out how much budget you have, no old ratty hammer gun is ever worth the cost of restoration without some particular heritage connection, lets face it you can buy cheap guns for the cost of the postage for yours to be repaired!#
    If there is a special reason then go for it. I have an unrestores muzzle loader on my office wall. I could spend the money restoring it but at £20 auction price for the gun its a nice touch!
  6. They're stamped J. Manton & Sons, so I guess they're probably not Joseph Manton and probably worth about £300. I just fancied a little restoration project and the opportunity to play with some black powder. The stocks are a bit worm eaten but nothing bad.
  7. OK just sawthe topic on home page and was intrigued. I've become quite fond of shotgun use and since this topic is attracting those with knowledge I thought I might take advantage. can anyone please tell me what the rules and requirments for owning a shotgun (legally) and also what shotguns would anyone recommend?
  8. You'll need a good reason to own one, a licence (from your local nick) and a lockable cabinet securely mounted to the inside of your broom cupboard. I've used an AYA for the last few years, good, reliable and relatively cheap.
  9. Ugly - I've PM'd you the pics
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Nothing wrong with Mantons, post a pic and we'll have a look. Re Fusil89 shotguns are a right and you have to have a criminal record to be refused an SGC. You can own as many as you can afford to keep in accordance with home office guidelines for security. Most people buy a 12 bore over and under and a simple 3 gun cabinet. That lot can work out about £300 and some cartridges. Join a clay club and have a go, if you fanct pest shooting, rabbit and pigeon then John Batley runs a pigeon control group.
    You will need to be a good shot so practise on the clays.
  11. thanks for that chaps.
  12. Most "ladies" buy an over an under :D
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have a varied collection including some section 1 guns. I'll look at the pics and let you know. There is a chap in the midlands who will line barrels but its not cheap.
  14. Shotguns are much easier to obtain than firearms. In fact, you do not even have to show "Good Reason" in the same way that you do for a Firearm, it is a totally separate issue from section 1 firearms and is dealt with in a different way.

    You will need somewhere to be able to store the shotgun(s) securely, that meets with your local Firearms Liason Officer (FLO) at your local constabulary. That is usually a cabinet, but if you are in the forces, then you can normally apply to your armoury to store them there. Once you have it in writing, then that will normally satisfy the FLO.

    The FLO will want to know about your experience with Firearms in general and will probably discuss with you where you intend to use it, but being a member of a club in not a pre-requesite as it is with Firearms.

    You do not need to store your shotgun cartridges in a locked cabinet, but they should be somewhere safe and secure, i.e. in a cupboard away from prying eyes etc.

    Here is a link to my local Firearms dept, it's ok, and it answers most questions. If you are serious about this sort of thing the get onto your local plod website, and do a search on "firearms", that'll put you straight.

    Another really good site for info is

    Have a look at their forum and especially the section on the police and law....many of the same questions are asked on that site too
  15. Far too much snobbery in the shotgun world for my liking! I have 2 O & U's and 1 semi, boy do I get looked at funny when I turn up with the semi!

    Funny though, one of the O & U's is a Baikal. I got it as I was fed up of letting people play with my Winchester. The amount of times it nearly had the muzzles scraped on the ground. I simply cannot belive how robust the Baikal is! It's a really basic gun, but the engineering is sound. The firing pins nearly punch out the primer caps in the carts!

    Don't get me wrong I love the Winchester, but the Baikal is a tool in a way that the Winnie never will be, but when you turn up on a shoot with people with their Miroukou's and Berettas you can just feel the snobbery building up!

    Virtually no one turns up on a clay shoot with a Side by Side any more, if fact I can only think of one person in the last 12 months, and he outshot nearly everyone!