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Shotguns, all even over and unders


Yes even I have a dreaded modern gun or two in my collection,
1 9mm garden gun,
2 .410s 1 bolt and 1 o/u.
1 Berretta 28 bore 686.
1 Mundial Spanish s/s 20 bore.
1 AYA Yeoman s/s 12bore,
1 Ithaca 37 8 shot pump (section) 1
Several bits,
1 Winchester model 67 silver pigeon s/s 12 bore
1 Sjorgren 3 shot auto 12 bore.
There may be others in there somewhere!


Kit Reviewer
Book Reviewer
Pair of 12 bore H&H Royal SxS. numbers 2 and 3 of a trio. Kind of inherited but not mine quite yet!

I work for a gunmaker so always have interesting stuff to play with.


It's a European invention for splatting spuggies etc in the cherry trees in your garden, 9mm rimfire and solids!
Solids obviously with an FAC!


I've been considering using my .22 shot carts against the cabbage whites after all the damage they caused to out cauliflower crop this year, everyone ruined!

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