Shotgun safety question

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by sanchauk, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Hi, just borrowed a Nikko 812. My ignorance probably shows,however I thought all shotguns applied safe mechanically when the opening lever is operated. This one doesn't. My question is do some shotguns have a completely independent safety and if not, is it sensible to put 200 cartridges through it tomorrow?

    Many thanks.
  2. The safety on my shotgun is either off, or on, depending on what I set it to.

    It's fully manual, not automatic.
  3. Depends on what shotgun you have. Some have automatic safety some have auto. Familiarise yourself with whichever make/model you have and get used to it.
  4. You shouldn't really need safety on a shotgun, as the gun should always be broken unless you're about to shoot.
  5. Frankly the safety is useless, if you are not about to fire the gun should be broken, if you are not going to fire unload. There is no requirement to apply safe.

    Some guns safe automatically, some don't.
  6. Gents, my question is answered! Thank you so much. Where else could you pose a question and get such a rapid response!

    Again, much obliged.
  7. Google?
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  8. By asking the mate you've borrowed the gun off to show you how it works before you borrow it?
  9. On a side note the safety does have a role if you are using a semi given that the handling drills are more complex.
  10. And I thought there was no such thing as a stupid question...just never used a gun that doesn't automatically apply safe. My reg guns (yeoman and silver pigeon) do. Loanee is travelling.

    Again, thanks all.
  11. Breaking the gun is best practice, however there are times (particularly when walking-up game) when the safety catch is the only realistic option. In addition, and for a belt and braces approach one should apply the safety before moving the gun off the shoulder to break the gun.

    Arguably just as many guns have the safety apply automatically as part of breaking the action as do not. So long as you have been assured by the owner that the gun has always been fully manual you are good to go. The important thing is to get it drilled in to you that this is the case.
  12. Pumps and Semi's don't break which is why most clubs and shoots don't like them.
    Most safety's are a bit poxy anyway so I tend to err on breaking and or unloading if not actually shooting.
  13. A breech flag isn't expensive, if the flag isn't in it's ready to rock and roll.
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  14. All, many thanks again for replies. I was just concerned that if this was not normal it may be indicative of a more serious issue. I feel comfortable with a manual safety, just never experienced it before.

    Thanks all.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I wouldnt worry, I had a 28 bore silver pigeon that had a manual only safety, a factory option basically means leaving a small bar out of the mechanism. I used it well and sadly sold it telling the buyer about the safety and he was ok with it.
    I do own a CZ rifle where the safety is back to front and its standard on the 527 models. Its all about knowing the weapon and being familiar!