Shotgun instructors in the Aldershot, Pirbright area.

Hi all,

I have been tasked with organising a morning of clay pigeon shooting for a party of around 30 people and will be required to provide my own shotgun instructors to ensure costs are kept to a minimum. I am making the almighty sin of presuming that my Regt doesn't have a sufficient number of said personnel and will not be able to check this until thursday when I return from leave.

The purpose of this post therefore is to sound out any arrse members in the Aldershot and Pirbright area, or further if anyone wishes to travel, with the required qualifications and who would be available on the morning of Tue 14 December.

If anyone is available then send me your details and all the finer points such as key timings etc... can be figured out closer to the date.

Many thanks!


What qualifications are you after, CPSA or BASC or Lantra?
If only I could answer "Wait Out", but I don't believe this to be an adequate response.

A very good question though if I'm honest. I was only aware of the BASC qualification but after a bit of research, using the ever trusty google, I am now none the wiser. From scanning numerous websites there doesn't seem to be that much difference between the qualifications and from shooting forums there seems to be confusion even amongst the experts as to qualification types. I will have to seek direction from the range manager to see if the instuctor qualification has to be awarded by a specific governing body.

Many thanks for this food for thought.


Pleasure is all mine, I hope you find out whats needed. Never used to be a requirement, are you setting up from scratch trapps etc? If you arent using an established ground then a police permit to shoot clays (if the public or paying persons attend) may be a requirement. Planning permission is another hoop that you can jump through as well!
Sorry to resurrect, ribble raver, drop me a PM, so Happens I look after all our shooting clubs weapons at Pirbright, sure I can find you someone!

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