Shotgun Certificate with previous convictions

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jagman, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. Reading through the application form for a shotgun certificate, you are required to list any previous convictions.
    I have a raft of motoring convictions over the years plus a conviction many years ago for forgery.

    How dimly are plod likely to look upon these? Is it a waste of time applying?

    I have a hankering to take up clay shooting but if there is little chance of getting a shotgun certificate it knocks the idea on the head.
  2. Have you done more than 5 years inside? Contact your local Firearms licencing branch and ask them.
  3. No, never been locked up for more than a night
  4. Just make your own.
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  5. Shouldn't be a problem, you must declare them and be up front about it. Your local FEO will give you the DS solution.
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    If you convictions add up to you drink driving an uninsured car to commit fraud then I wouldn't bother.
    Joking aside, if you haven't done jail time and non of your offences involved firearms then you should be ok. It's at least worth trying.

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  7. Lovely, thankyou.

    I'll just have to try and remember all the motoring offences over the last 20 odd years now
  8. I actually chuckled very loudly at that!
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  9. They're generally not right bothered about motoring convictions other than drunk driving (recklessness with a dangerous device). Though I suppose if you have a hatful of speeding convictions that when seen together bring the phrase 'bellend' to mind, it might give them pause for thought.

    An ancient forgery conviction isn't likely to be an issue, though they could always cite it as part of the grounds for refusal if they conclude that you are a dick.
  10. Certificate or shotgun?
  11. Don't forget to mention cautions, even verbal ones. They're looking for what you don't tell them just as much as what you do. The buggers know more about you than you do!
  12. They won't let me have one:

  13. Where did you get five years from? It has no basis in law.

    A sentence of three years or more results in a lifetime ban. A sentence of three months but less that three years results in a five year ban. (Ref: 1968 Firearms Act.) And is it is sentence that counts, not service.

    Anything else may be taken into by the licensing constabulary when deciding whether one can hold a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate with due regard to public safety. For example, Drunk & Disorderly may lead them to decide that one is of intemperate habits and so cannot be trusted with a firearm.

    Under the 1968, no convictions are exempt under the Rehabilitation of Offender Act. You MUST list everything, including traffic violations. Having said that, a Police Caution is NOT a conviction.
  14. It may not be a conviction but I do know of someone that was declined for not disclosing a caution.
  15. A RAFT of motoring offences & one for forgery?

    You have clearly broken the eleventh commandment on Numerous occasions?

    Don't bother applying!

    There are already too many throbbers with guns, we don't need anymore.

    Take up golf instead!