Shotgun Cabinet Question

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Nov 11, 2010.

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  1. I am in the market for a shotgun Cabinet prior to the FLO coming on his home visit. What I want to know is where is the best place to get on from? Local gunsmiths, internet, back of shooting times.

    I am after one with a shelf for cartridges, I know its not a requirement for shotgun ammunition its more of a piece of mind thing; and it needs to be able to hold up to 3 guns.

    Any help is much appreciated.
  2. Find the cabinet you want, shop around for the best price, and bobs your uncle.

    Getting a cabinet that comes with the fixing bolts is a winner.
  3. If I had shotguns, this is the cabinet I'd want for them: linky
  4. LoL...I agree.
  5. What he said, plus - the bloke you want on PW is Paul Hart, he sells shed loads of cabinets.
  6. Buy online for the best price. The fixings are only a few quid from your local hardware store. The hammer drill and the embuggeration factor is more of an issue.

    Don't bother with the inbuilt top shelf idea as they are more expensive. Either put a shelf in it yourself or keep them in a locked drawer etc.
  7. Might be worth having a chat with your FEO before drilling holes and fixing the thing to your house. There are Home Office Guidelines (Firearms Handbook 2005) on where and how to fix cabinets but individual forces tend to have their own interpretation of it.

    For example mine (Hampshire) insisted it be upstairs and inside another cupboard (wardrobe) whereas my dad (Devon and Cornwall) has his in his utility room just inside the back door. So I get grief off Mrs I for bringing my guns into the bedroom whereas Dad isn't allowed to bring his into the house as he can "keep them in the dirty room outside".
  8. Dogface, you are a pain in the arrse. Just accept that we do things differently here, will you? I find it quite disturbing that so many people in the US feel the need to go armed every day, for example, - it must be a very dangerous place to live, eh? Just overrun with bandits armed to the teeth? - but if that's the way you feel you need to do things, that's fine. Just don't expect everyone else to envy you.
  9. You are not required to let them in, you are not required to let them inspect anything.

    They are not required to grant you permission to hold firearms.

    Seems fair enough.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We have security for a reason, to stop us shooting at any passing sceptics!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Seriously though I havent paid more than £50 for a 3 gun to 6 gun used cabinet for a long time, try the local free ad papers or online. Bolts are really cheap and if you buy a big cabinet you can buy more without breaking the security conditions on your FAC!
  12. We also don't have many fukwits running around school-yards brassing up the kiddies, you bellend.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not any more leastways!
  14. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Sorry to hijack the thread, I'm about to take control of my father in laws shotguns.. I'm in the process of applying for the correct licences and awaiting a visit from the police.
    I realise different police forces are different but, will I be able to mount my cabinet in the garage which is detached from the house with access only through the dog run between the house and the garage. In effect it's a solid outbuilding with 9 inch solid walls and a security door. Or as this can be classed as an outbuilding is it a complete no no and the cabinet will have to be in the house?
    As I said I realise different police may have different ideas, I'm new to this so just wanted some thoughts from the more experienced users.