Shotgun blast to the face - Sotheby's chief

The accident took place on a hired estate on a shoot organised by American hedge-fund manager Louis Bacon, 56.
Sounds like the usual bon-viveur, moneybags-mong shoot, I'm surprised they don't cull more of each other every year. Wonder if it happened after lunch...


Well shit happens as they say, no doubt the insurers will sort it all out. Sothebys eh? I have to admit we havent met as Bonhams is about as upmarket as I go.
...and what are supposed to do [apart from express the opinion that it DOES seem to be shotgunners from a certain element of the population who shoot each other].

He must have been a ways away - the last person I saw who had been shot in the face was virtually headless above the lower mandible. Quite put me off my chilli-bean and rhubarb compote for a few seconds.


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