Shotgun Backpac Style Slip


I've been looking around for a backpac style gun slip, something that will take my shotgun, broken down and capable of being slung out of the way while beating with the dogs.

My current slip is not the best as it holds the gun whole and has only one strap so it has a habit of catching on bushed and trees and also sliding around at the most inopportune moment.

Had a look around on the net and Napier do something that I'm looking for, however its photo doesn't really do it justice.

Just wondered if there were any other brands around or if anyone has experience of using this type of slip?
Don't know how much you have to spend, but I used to know an old boy who had had something similar made out of leather by a saddler, just two compartments with a flap over the top - he had his on a sling but it could no doubt be rigged with rucksac straps.
Had considered asking Dixies if they could do something from scratch, the problem is if I go down there I'll end up buying more things than I really need :)

The Napier one is going for around 100 beer tokens so thats probably the price range
That the idea a slimmer thing and less red maybe :)
That not quite what I'm looking as I already have that.

Need it shorter :)
When beating and working the dogs, a full length slip gets in the way when fighting thought the undergrowth.

Climbing over fallen trees and the slip can fall around you and gets caught on all sort so I just wanted to reduce my profile so to speak
Leg I muttons are what your after, albeit they usually only have one strap. Shop around mate as one went for £18 at an auction I went to last year!! Ask about as they seem to lie about as no one wants them anymore. If your struggling a canvas kilt carrier might do the job.

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