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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by gorilla, Mar 27, 2013.

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  1. I'm currently shooting clay pigeons, however i want to expand into shooting live targets, i currently use a 12g O/U, would someone be kind enough to tell me what ammo to use for different species.
  2. Slug for scrotes.

    Could'nt resist, sorry.
  3. 32g of 6 is good for most game and small pests.
  4. I'd of thought that expanding ammo would be better for scrotes!
  5. No, no......... Police load, low recoil, rifled slug is fine for most breeds of scrote when they are on the hoof.

    My neighbour (two doors down) in Florida took care of a rattle snake on his drive outside the garage door that way.
  6. Serious answer: I am not a hunter of small furry or feathered things, but the bloke who initially taught me about shotgunning said to always pattern test. He practically demonstrated that even the same numbered cartridges from different manufacturers produce vastly differing results out of one gun - even different guns of the same model produce different results, would not have believed it if it had not been demo'ed. Best advice, decide what you are after and then try cartridges to find the best to suit your gun and the particular game you are after. Go buy some 6 & 7 from two or three different ammo makers and fire those at some static targets at hunting range.

    I personally use 7 for training, 00 loaded for a couple of warning shots and then everything after that is slug...........but, thats h'Amerika.
  7. 7 for pigeon, 6 for game, 4 for rabbits (UK sizes). No lighter than 28g, pref. 30 or 32.

    You might be asked to use felt wad on farmland, better-quality cartridges have better-quality propellant which won't go off like firecrackers and knock the crap out of your shoulder.
  8. Can you tell me what counts as game?
  9. Pheasants, I was thinking of, actually. I could have expressed myself a little more clearly, but the missus has just spilled hot tea over my gammy leg and my concentration could be greater.
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  10. You should always aim to penetrate your prey with your hard meat missile.

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  11. Generally speaking game belongs to someone and you need permission to shoot it unlike pigeons/rabbit etc which you can shoot under general licence.
  12. Take a like. Not because I am happy you had your leg burnt, but I had a vision of a Chaplinesque moment cross my visual imagination and it made me chortle.

  13. Ravers

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  14. Kinell Ravers,

    why not go the whole hog and shoot sovereigns at them?

    ..cheaper than Eley VIP!
  15. Ravers

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    Of course having stolen a life time supply of them from my previous employer over a period of 5 years, I have absolutely no idea how much they cost.

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