Shotgun advice

Looking for some advice on a new shotgun for myself. Will be used for mostly sporting clays.
I have it narrowed down to 2 in my local RFD. both 12 bore with 30" barrels and both second hand but in great condition

A grade 1 Beretta silver pigeon II or
A grade 1 Browning B425

Both guns fit me well enough. I have been using a SP II so know it is a good gun but i really like the look of the 425, it has a black and gold body and comes with ported chokes which finish of the barrel nicely.

So my question is does anyone have experience with the 425, Good, Bad points to watch out for?
Any other suggestions most welcome but it im pretty much set on Browning or Beretta.
Thanks in advance
its a personal thing, what one shooter likes, another will hate,

both shotties you mention are top clay guns, from decent makers and with no serious design faults.

it all boils down to what YOU think fits best, plus weigh in the cost and how many chokes/accessories come with either option.

it may pay to ask if you can take them both out for a few rounds, see what you score, and how you feel after.


I use a 28 bore silver pigeon and its devasting!
Thanks, I found a few write ups on the 525 and 325 but not much about the 425. I went in to buy a SP but then he showed me the 425 and caused all this confusion. If only he had taken my money and given me the SP we would both be happy. Now I want both :)


Both good guns - condition, price and appearance mate.
I bought a 28" Beretta Silver Pidgeon V game version last year, cracking gun - all I changed was the butt to a longer Beretta gel one.
One of the reasons was an anticipated Beretta price hike (which happened) and a drop in Browning prices due to the dollar.....
As a matter of personal preference I'd go with the Beretta but there's absolutely nothing wrong with the Browning. Only way to decide is to try using the Brownie :D

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