Shot Show 2012, Gear and Guns pics, part 2.

Some more bits for ya.

Ops Core helmet fitted with Princeton Tec, Switch MPLS flexi light. The end of the light had two leds in it, each one can be a different type: IR; white; red; blue.

I chatted with one of THEIR web footed ones on the stand and he told me that what they do is get the small self adhesive Velcro dots and put one on the light and one to match on the helmet so that when not in use the light gets tucked away flush so its not sticking ut like a Martians antennae.

Crye: A half jacket covering the body area above mag pouches etc. Its an idea.

Crye: Ghillie shirt concept.

Crye: Smock, the gathered septics loved it.

Crye: Molle belt.

Crye: Lightweight plate carrier. They have used a fabric like butyl laminate, one guy described it as the stuff they make the inflatable sections of RIB’s out of. Anyway, Crye is not the only manufacturer to be producing a minimalist plate carrier like this, they remove as much fabric as possible to bring down the carried weight – on average they reckon that they have got the weight down by 1.5lbs to 2.0lbs for a carrier. Yes, it is pretty indestructible as they let us stand on it and try to pull it apart, to no success.

Crye: Plate carrier.

The Crye booth babes who were also at the Crye party on the Wednesday. English girls they were.
Sorry, more………….

Chief Chris Kyle, SEAL (retd), the most successful US sniper since Carlos Hathcock. You know you hear about humble, quiet SF types, well, he is. He has written a book that has shot into the best sellers and he is not taking a penny from it. He has donated all the income from the book to Special Warfare charities………..”Because it was pissing me off all the people writing about shit that they don’t know about and making money out of it – anyway I’m a redneck and I did’nt write it, I told it to someone and he did the words thing for me”.

The flotation aids are built into the sides of a rucksack. If you fall in a puddle you pull the toggle and it inflates. There are a couple of variants of this kind of thing knocking around at the moment – my fav is the one worn by webfooters that looks like an ammo pouch on the belt.



All sorts get in.

This is my saddo mate getting Chris Costa’s autograph. Chriss is the chap who made the DVD’s the Art of the Tactical Carbine and a few others, he worked for Magpul Dynamics. He is a good bloke, knows his stuff and his day job is actually in an official capacity carrying a weapon.

American Technologies Network thermal sight. I had a reasonable play with this and compared to the stuff that was around they have updated nicely and the price has come down.

The package is software driven so basically the more you pay the more functionality you get. It allows for colour change to give different perspectives and also has an optical zoom feature like digi cameras and it also has a couple of other shhh features. Depending on what you want they start at around $5,000.00.

Below are pics to show the differences offered in some of the contrast modes.



Kit Reviewer
What calibre is that Vltor rifle? Also, bloke in the middle of the three in the last thermal pic clearly has a foetus-shaped penis..
So anyway, Mongo, I called the company because it was not blatantly obvious on their website. The "technical xspurt" I spoke with told me it is .223. So I asked, .223 or milspec 5.56mm. No, the guys in the engineering department said its .223.

What can you say?
Ok, so you are getting bored now, last ones I promise.

Gratuitous piccy of some rifles.

This is Sal, he is the chap who founded and owns Spyderco knives. He is a fecking excellent bloke and always has time if you stop for a chat. The reason I put him up is that I have, direct from the Spyderco factory, a knife called a UK Pen Knife (UKPK), this folding knife is in the spyderco design but it is not a lock knife it has some wiggly fizz slippy joint that allows it to be 100% legal in the UK and cost around 60.00 – 70.00. I shall be putting the knife up for auction in a while for one of the charities – no I have’nt broken it, sharpened pencils with it or picked my fingernails.

These are Mystery Ranch tri-zip rucksacks. The camo pattern that has been used was developed by a couple of former US military types who go under the name of ORION DESIGN GROUP. It took the a year of part time work to come up with the pattern: designing; taking on the hill; taking to the desert country. Then they sent the pattern around a few companies that make gear for THEIRS, it was very well received and several prototypes of rucksacks, pouches and items of clothing have been produced. All I can say is that everytime I met these two guys they seemed to also be in deep conversation with top level THEIRS, so I think this one will start to filter into use.

Mystery ranch tri-zip in MC. These are very good and very popular with the septics and I believe that Level Peaks does them in the UK……………I am in no way associated with Level Peaks, other companies are available.

This I think is excellent, I am even going to spend my own money on one. It has the features of a multi-tool but with some M4 carbine specific tools as part of the package. The big thing with this one is that it is machined from steel not simple casting so it has better fit and more strength. For anyone who uses an M4 type weapon I would recommend it. Trade price $75, retail price $150. If anyone wants one shout as I should be up to see the company in a few week and I will try and blag an order if there is interest.

Just to wind up to the finish.

And, finally, the babes from the sniper charity……….showing their bits…………errrr, I mean doing their bit for the troops.

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