Shot RIR soldier critically ill

You'd think the BBC could at least afford the bandwidth to either title his regiment in full or at least use the correct short hand.

A speedy recovery, Faugh a Ballagh.
All the best. Hope your back in the line with your fellow paddies soon. :D
All the best bro. Speedy recovery.

The lads of the 3rd Bn are supporting your recovery all the way.
Big Lad hoping you are OK and make a speedy recovery. Hope he knows we got a a wee win over Finland tonight. Safe home.

Faugh a Ballagh


Book Reviewer
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Have we not got our own med support set up yet?
Come through it soldier. Best of Irish.
Best of luck for a quick recovery.

...and I know the NHS is in crisis, and that mil hospitals are no more, but surely they can find a bed and a CCAST team for him.
chrisg46 said:
Have we not got our own med support set up yet?
Of course there is, but field hospitals are for life, limb and sight saving surgery not for long term casualties with severe head injuries! that is why we has a casevac system such as CCAST, it would do no body any good to keep him in field conditions.

Speedy recovery!
He was medevac'd to Pakistan but it's hoped he can be transferred to a UK hospital by Friday. He continues to recover quickly.
Excellent news Gdav.

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