Shot loyalist to return to jail

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Andyroo, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. An alleged leading loyalist shot six times will be returned to prison when he is released from hospital, a judge has ruled.

    Mr Haddock's bail was revoked by Belfast Crown Court judge Mr Justice Hart.

    He said when Mr Haddock was shot he had made a "deliberate, significant and indeed, flagrant breach of his bail conditions" by being in the area.

    Full story here BBC News

    Yippeee another scumbag off the streets of Norn Iron :D
  2. Happy monkeys!!

    Still awaiting the judgement on Mr Gowdy as well.

    Sadly he is only going back to jail for breaking his bail terms!

    :lol: break your bail conditions, get shot...return to it!!
  3. the Judge said he was a fish out of water, there's no point in him carping on about it, they've got him hook line and sinker
  4. Good news.

    And even better news.

    I'm clean out of fish jokes.
  5. That'll teach you to angle for laughs!
  6. Nooooooooooooooooo please not MORE fish jokes ;)
  7. I'm all trout of them anyway Andy!
  8. That's him knocked off his perch and firmly put in his plaice.
    It's a bleak outlook for him and no mistake. Could end up spending the rest of his dace inside.
  9. Fcuking loads more here

    I really think they've all been done.

    I am reminded of the old song though.

    Salmon chanted evening.
  10. I bet he won't be playing Cilla Black songs in the nick.

    Anyone who had a Hart.
  11. There is a plaice for everything. I'm off on my motor pike and side carp!
  12. Right you lot, I'm telling the water bailiff :D
  13. On your pike!
  14. Musy go and see the doctor.

    I've got crispy cod fries.
  15. If you can't beat em.....

    God asks Noah to build a 4 deck ark. He then tells him to flood every deck with water and fill it with a certain type of fish.

    When Noah asks why Gods response is.........are you ready for this?

    I've always wanted a multi storey carp ark! Tara!!! :D

    Get me a trick cyclist quick, I'm losing the plot :)