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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by General_Layabout, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. Just watched a programme on TV where they found an ejected shot gun cartridge case? Are there any shot guns that eject empties automatically??

    I know that side by side and over and under need breaking to reload and pump action need pumping to eject, so was this killer just thick??
  2. Semi auto's do.
  3. Assuming this isn't the worst wah ever:

    Pump Action : You cycle the action manually and the spent cartridge is ejected before the new one enters the receiver.

    (so yes)

    Semi Automatic : Same action, but instead of being manually cycled, either a gas or inertia system does the hard work.

    (so yes)

    Over/Under or Side by Side : Older or new cheaper guns have no ejection mechanism. Most newer guns will have ejectors as standard.

    (So yes!)

  4. As I recall, if you broke it, or pumped it, shells were ejected. Granted some of the older double barreled guns did not have ejectors.
  5. Thanks guys, I'm not shot gun literate.

  6. You are now. Why not go for a trial lesson at a local clay shoot? You will learn a lot, and have some fun with pointy bang bang sticks!
  7. I did that about 35 years ago at a Larkhill day and got 18/20. There is no way these days, 1. can't afford a gun 2. don't think I'd pass a CRB, 3. No safe storage. Life's a shit at times!!
  8. Book a shoot at a ground, most will let you shoot with their guns (under supervision) providing no disqualifying convictions. Decent afternoons fun can be had for less than £50 at most places
  9. 1. Shotguns start at £5.00 for a ropey old single barrel 12g

    2. You're not working with children, you're breaking clays. (Unless you have criminal record that involves violence, theft, rape, etc, and your crimes were recent you may be ok).

    3. Gun cabinets are available used for as little as a tenner, plus the fittings you'll need and a decent hammer drill.

    4. Don't say this to your FEO, he'll assume you're a suicidal nutter.

    Be safe, be muzzle aware, and good luck.