Shot at by Sniper

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PinkBayonetPolisher, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Lt whatsisname from the tick tocks who got shot in the back and it came out of his helmet and that other bloke who got shot in the back.

    Fair play, and I'm glad it's ok and hope everyone is ok..


    I just wish the press would get these things right. Shot at by snipers? Snipers?

    I'm no expert on the orbat of your average Taliban formation but surely it's more likely some bloke popped his head up and let loose with an AK?

    Whilst you're pontificating on the rights and wrongs of that one, how about Page 10 and Page 11 of today's Mail

    "Just five bullets for each soldier"



    And this all follows on from this thread here:

    Surely some press room somewhere must get it fucking right sometimes.
  2. 4,000,000 veterans in the UK - are none of them reporters?
  3. If you are so well educated then why don't you become a journalist. If not then why not go back to reading whatever rag it is you educate yourself with.
  4. They have standards. Unlike your normal red top Journo who can barely grasp the idea of the truth let alone write about it. :x
  5. they call them bullets in the press because that's what civvies recognize.

    An example of this would be a lad in our unit was at Heathrow airport, realized he had some 9mm browning mags in his hand luggage, went to the nice lady at check in and proceeded to ask if it was ok to take magazines in his hand luggage, she says of course sir, no problem.

    He missed the flight when two armed coppers frog marched him to the strip search room and left him sh!tting bricks for a couple of hours.

    He is now sometimes referred to as Carlos the Jackal.
  6. Interesting reply. Thanks for your input.

    No doubt tonight you'll be curling up on the sofa with a VHS copy of Soldier Soldier content it is reflective if your own service.
  7. Tee hee that's very good!
  8. As to the snipers er yes they do have em so it could well have been.

    Wrong country but didnt the tankies drop a building on a sniper in Iraq
  9. I took a pack of miniflares as hand luggage on a ninternational flight after all efforts to hand them in for collection at the other end failed! That's Algiers Airport security for you!
  10. Now that truly deserves immortality! :D :D :D :D :D

  11. From what I've heard there's more than a few of them with the ability to shoot bloody well. No doubt these are outnumbered by the so-called 'ten dollar Taliban' you are on about, but just because they are not a properly formed Army doesn't mean that they couldn't have a number of blokes who are able to shoot straight and shithot at fieldcraft. You know the term 'sniper' comes from 'one who is accurate enough to shoot snipe', it was a hunter's term originally.

    Best not to underestimate them, after all wasn't it Kipling who said that 'two thousand pounds of education, falls to a ten rupee rifle' - and he had had time over there.
  12. Telic 4. QRL fired a practice HESH round at a particularly annoying insurgent in Al Amarah. They didn't want to make too big a hole in the school he was hiding in. Did the job though!
  13. Sorry my bad they dropped just a room on him then
  14. Long-distance potshots from an AK may not be sniper fire as we know it, but it's damned effective for denying ground. And if you fire enough rounds, you're going to hit somebody sooner or later.
  15. Looking at his wound and subsequent hole in the helmet (phnar)

    That round had a lot of wacker behind it