Shot anybody nice recently?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fertman, Jan 22, 2010.

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  1. Just wondering, bored, like. There is a general election coming up
  2. I shot my load in your wifes handbag recently. :lol:

    But on a serious note, bone thread!

    If you had started a thread saying that with the election coming up, which MP would you want to knock off then that would be a whole different matter entirely!
  3. Only required a clutch-purse from what I heard........
  4. I may only have a small cock but can produce an unholy amount of spunk!!
  5. Spunk!!!, how fecking crude, Spaf surely, show some respect for the laydee concerned. 8O 8O 8O
  6. Not recently....

    I gave a fat man just outside Al Faw an extra hole in his arrse once, 600 yards and 2 hours further in I noticed someone had also given him a third eye..

    Fat c*nt :D
  7. Harriet Harman's handbag, so next time she crashes into a car while driving she can sand up in court and say "no, really, I reached for my mobile phone, and was a bit shocked to find that there appeared to be the contents of a large pot of natural yoghurt in my handbag, your Honour".

  8. Saying that, I actually quite like the thought of giving Harman a face full, I think she could scrubb up quite nicely if she wanted too. She looks like a closet filth bag, I wonder if she would be game for an inter party gangbang? Can just imagine her sucking my SPUNK* out of the lovely Jo Swinson's arrsehole. Mmmmmnnnnn.

    *Just for Manly
  10. M14. Yep!
  11. Thanks chaps, it really was a limp post and it wasn't one of my better days.... good to see people took it in good heart. Fact is, I was half cut because I discovered that my best mate of 22-odd years is in a coma....still don't know why yet, lines of communication are not the best there could be. Life, eh?
    Oh, on the bright side, saw a Merc 4x4 this morning with the numberplate MI SXC.....think about it. How did someone even bother trying to find that in the first place????????
  12. Did he spend an hour stuck in a lift with you ?
  13. M16, do it properly, it'll splatter flensed flesh for yards around.
  14. Juan, 2 minutes in a lift with me has been known to make people get off at the wrong floor. I'm working on cutting it down to one. Minute AND florr, XXX Fertman
  15. caroline Flint. I wouldn't mind smearing her portfolio with my sticky white love pi55

    as for shooting with the 7.62mm variety, Lembit Optik would get my rounds. Still can't believe he got to boff one of the Cheeky Girls before I did.........