Shot 5 times

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What else do you do with a suspect suicide bomber?

He is the trigger. To stop the bomb going off, take out the trigger.
And I bet that the wife of TCB is already preparing a case on how the poor chaps human rights were violated. Bitch :twisted:
Only shot five times? Must have had a stoppage...
from what I heard on the news it seems like a timely relaxing of the use of force rules for cops. most cops back home would need STRONG provocation before even drawing their weapon, never mind pumping some poor barsteward full of rounds after tackling him to the deck.
OK lets look at the FACTS here shall we.

The cops chased this guy for a distance. I would assume, as they were chasing him, they'd given him lots of fair warning to stop or they'd fire etc. etc. Said man then runs onto a tube train where lots of people have blown themselves up recently. The policemen involved clearly thought he was going to do this. Even though the guy was on the floor when they shot him - he could've easily blown himself up (the police don't know where the trigger is) and so they shot him. Fair play I say. As for 5 shots....who the hell cares? He's dead isn't he?
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