Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by brave-coward, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Kit and equipment experts, apologies if this has been covered elsewhere (if so please provide link as I can't find it).

    I recall there being shorts (desert combat stylee) issued at some point in the last few years. My question is are these still issued (presumably in MTP) and if so under what circumstances are they authorised for wear? Presumably something to do with hot climates, worn with PCS jackets??? with boots???

    Second question (also hot weather related), is the hot weather version of the PCS shirt/jacket any thinner/lighter or is it the same, just dipped in perripel as I am lead to understand?
  2. Shorts are still issued. I've seen bummers wear them in lieu of trs in Bastion, normally coupled with a hat that's brim puts Saturn's rings to shame. Most people wear them, when on down time. Local commander's discretion I would imagine.

    For the warm weather kit see below.

  3. Shorts are only to be worn in down time and never 'outside the wire'.
    You are also issued sandals for the same situation to air your feet.

    Neither of which can be worn around larger camps either (Bastion, Lash, Price etc) other than in you own area, as previously mentioned, at commanders discretion.

    I've only seen the shorts in desert DPM but lads got their MTP trousers cut down by the tailor in Bastion for the same reasons.

    Don't think you'll be on patrol in shorts though...our grandfathers may have fought in the desert in shorts but that's not how we do things now.
  4. Yes shorts are now issued in MTP not DDPM.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Pah real men wore and fought in KD shorts
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  6. Cheers guys. I had assumed that the days of charging at jerry bayonets fixed and wearing SD shirts, tailored shorts and long socks was well and truly over, but something I saw the other day left me not so sure.*

    * (Picture of soldiers apparently "on duty" somewhere hot but otherwise unidentifiable wearing what appeared to be PCS/MTP C95 with shorts and combat boots).
  7. As an Engineer, I sometimes allowed the guys to work in shorts and T-shirts if doing work within the confines of a CP.
    FOB maintenance etc.

    Helmets/Osprey would then go on if working at height above the wall.

    Otherwise the picture could be during a contact onto a CP/PB where lads may have had to don helmets/Body armour and stand to while still dressed in shorts.
  8. Like when I took this picture:

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  9. By God, yes!
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Well that response was useless without a pic!