Shorts and puttees?

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by mexe205, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. Wondering? I spent 25 yrs in army AND watched all the films. served in middle east and far east. We all wore shorts and socks. Ready for flak but why have we stopped showing our legs? Used to really impress the locals white burnt flea bitten shins but we looked the dogs.Chndits and Batt troop dun it.And the Rats.Why not now?Just askin.Discuss??
  2. Yep. Shorts with socks and shoes or shorts with boots and hosetops/puttees. Hence the expression "getting your knees brown" which were the only things that did.
  3. those were the days

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  4. Remember 'Road slappers' white plimpsols.
  5. Solar topees all round!
  6. My bleedin knees do
  7. Most of the time in the tropics, we wore boots with socks rolled down to the top of the boot. However, when more formally dressed we wore boots, hose tops and puttees with a little kind of flash worn under the turn down of the hose top. They were generally in regimental or corps colours.
    Does anyone remember what they were called?

    Getting your knees brown. Remember the lads coming out from the UK completely white and in complete contrast to the tan that those of us that had been out there for two or three years had.
    I have a photograph taken of myself on my first day in the Caribbean sitting with my troop NCOs who were about to be posted back to Blighty after three years out there. I was known for a while as 'milk bottle'
  8. red pt vest with the v neck stretched down to your belly button & stanley matthews style blue pt shorts.

    what a fecking state we must have looked.
  9. Indeed, but that's how empires were built! PT shorts did have their uses though.

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  10. Because of Global warming, its too fooking cold and wet! Still trying to work that one out though!!
  11. In JLR RAC we where issued them and then made to polish the bleedin things black, everthing had to be polished to a patent leather shine. We must have used about 3/4s of the total production of Kiwi. everthing ,webbing, PT shoes ect all bulled to fukc
  12. And I raise you these two! Have'nt fogotten the requested pics trop....few more days.

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  13. Oh happy days. The Friday morning workshop runs in the hills around Minden. The local must have pi**ed themselves.
  14. Garter tags or flashes.