Shortfall of Sgts in AGC?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by SpannerSpanker, Jul 3, 2007.

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  1. I heard on the grapevine there was a shortfall of something in the region of 200 odd Sgt's in AGC is this true or am i being told utter bollox as i personally find it difficult to believe that any capbadge would have a shortfall in senior ranks...
  2. Spanner 'Tiss true I'm afraid to say..My Son, who is a Sgt in the AGC has signed off and in fact comes home on Sunday..His wife left Cyprus 3months ago after 2yrs on the Island. During that time he was posted to Ragland..falklands..Ragland..Afghanistan all within the 2yrs,so she didnt see much of him, hence she left to set up home in the UK..He asked for a posting to the UK they said NO!! so he signed off..So rather than post a Soldier they have lost him to civvie utterly Idiotic is that
  3. Not so idiotic if you think about it. It would be a pretty useless army if everyone was posted where they wanted to go and no-one was posted where the army wants them.
  4. Seems a bit stupid really, i bet there would have been other people willing to swap for a posting to Cyprus, surely it would have been better allowing that. I know it does happen on the odd occasion, rather than losing yet another person to civ div.

    Reminds me of two lads i was on a trawled tour in canada with many years ago, both were Cpl class 1's same trade and capbadge from different units, as coincidence would have it they both got posting orders stating they were posted within 3 weeks of each other. Problem is one was in Germany and being posted to UK but his wife was german and he wanted to stay in Germany, the other one was in UK wanted to stay in the UK but was posted to Germany. They enquired as to if they could swap the postings seeing as they were within 3 weeks of each other and it would not really have an adverse effect on the units they were going to if it was delayed for a week or two etc. Well to cut a long story short they got fcuked off by unhelpful bloke who used to run the VM desk in MCM div (He was hated big time by VM's everywhere). So they both signed off and went to Civ Div. Good job we dont have many problems with retention in the army these days i suppose! :joker:
  5. True in the usual sense, but after 9yrs abroad I don't think it was an unusual request. no matter now, as he has given himself a UK posting. :D In my Regt.(23yrs) rather than loose a Soldier, I would have had him posted ,and at least he was retained for other continued Service
  6. With the Docs Spvr Post going, they simply don't post anyone else in(gap it), claim the shortfall, then disestablish the post thereby then showing a reduction in shortfalls, very sneeky!