Shortest time between meeting & shagging

I was in corfu once and I met this girl from Finland, within 8 minutes we were shagging.

Forgot to add that i went to a lecture once by this girl from Finland. She stated that they do not 'do' small talk ie weather being nice etc. Also that when they have nothing to say, they don't say anything.

Obviously this girl thought that actions spoke louder that words :)
Brew_Time said:
I was in corfu once and I met this girl from Finland, within 8 minutes we were shagging.

Did you have your trousers on again within 9 minutes of meeting her?
about 30 seconds room mate brought back a girl he passed out so she woke me up and got down to business.
8 minutes? 8 minutes is more than ample for introductions, foreplay, climax, them to call me a boring barsteward and get a taxi home.

Not that it's ever happened that way... 8 seconds being my record :)

Oh, and this one time, in band camp
Kermit said:
I take it you're not including paying for it? About 20 seconds...
Nope, no paying included.

Within 40 minute,s with a translator I met whilst I was in Italy, a couple of years ago. Got talking in a bar, 40 minutes later we were getting down to it next to some river or stream. She kept blithering on about the moonlight, too. Weird Europeans.
About 1 hour or so, could have been quicker, but I thought I should talk to her a bit first.
Lets not imply this lady was a prostitute - be like a Jacket and call a spade a spade!
Ahh, also it was decided within twenty minutes between me and a young lady who lived in the halls opposite me at university that we would become *ahem* buddies.

I think she found my previous military experience somewhat of a turn on.
the only reason it took me 4 hours to get in to the young ladies knickers was that she was under the following orders, "don't shag him on the first night", as she had a rep as a good time girl...
and waited until just after midnight...and we're still together 3 years later
New Year, Chicago 2000/2001

5 minutes, a whisper in the ear (so i was told by my mate) and 5 minutes later i was outside up to the hilt in yank stench trench.

to this day i cannot recall what i said to her.............. i wish i knew, id use it again! :oops:

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