Shortest haircut grade?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by SOLSTICE, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. Whats the shortest you can have your hair cut, grade 1 2 3 or what?
  2. You'd get away with a grade two. Grade one or shaved if you're going bald.
  3. Joining Up? Grade 2.
    Going bald? Grade 1
  4. Beat me to it.
  5. grade 2 it is then, phase 1 at bassingbourn tomorrow :)
  6. good luck there sunday after next.
  7. Be original and hedge your bets with a Mohican cut. The instructors will appreciate you making it easy for them to remember your name. :D
  8. What if you are not going bald and have a grade one already?? to save the embarassment of an afro?
  9. I have a Grade 0 (as in no guard on the clippers), but I'm going bald and look ridiculous with hair any longer than that (what's left grows too quickly for a Grade 1).

    For just joining up, I wouldn't go any shorter than a 2.
  10. It doesn't really matter you normally get a hair cut in your first couple of days, regardless of your hair length, (unless you are bald). Its a No2 cut and you will continue to have it cut at that length every few weeks in training.
  11. The sergeant at my ADSC said nothing less than #3 all over which is what I had. But I'm sure #2 would be fine.
  12. Afro? now thats pretty cool. I usually have my sides n back as grade 2 with top short. unless im skint or lazy in which case i do it myself and shave it off as 2 all over
  13. At first you'll all be cleanely shaven to the grades stated above, nothing else accepted, untill you progress further on in your career where it becomes ally as f*ck to grow retro 70's sideys.

    Regular opportunities to get your hair cut in training, on or off camp (albeit the off camp is very rare and only for things such as familys day and the couple of hours you get to go out on some weekends)
  14. Never understood why people get their haircut prior to the joining.... It'll be done anyway on day one... for free.

    Once through basic, keep your hair long.

    Only the vain and lazy have short hair.
  15. Not always the case, I had to pay for mine and it wasn't day one either. Depends on where you are etc.