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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by WhiteHorse, Jun 13, 2005.

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  1. Anyone know if its possible to get a "shorter" L85? I know the carbine is around the corner but I have a new soldier who is short, but so keen and hard working, it is sad to watch them struggle with shooting. They are stretched right out and can't reach to support the rifle with their left hand.

    Any constructive ideas?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Have you tried hanging him out a window by his hands for a couple of days at a time. This in the long term will lengthen his arms and increase his upper body strength and hand grip. Also you could trying to shorten his arms using an old saw and a sewing machine.
  3. ISTR that the SLR came in different lengths but the SA80 cannot because the recoil rod assy runs all the way to the butt

    edit The carbine version would also have the same but length and I assume furniture length for the same reason
  4. Lippstadt 1981.

    27 RA had a duty mong. He was a real midgit, miggit.... small fuckker.

    All he ever did was polish the 25 pounders and the bronze cannons. God knows how he passed basic with a SLR?

    Train the little one to use a false arm inside their smock arm or use a pistol?

    Knew a siggy who had his shooting eye - well shot out (playing paint-ball off all things) . He was allowed to soldier on with a 9 milli as a personal weapon. Funny as hell seeing him trying to do any patrolling with his pistol drawn.
  5. Get a very big vice and put the rifle lengthways, with the flash eliminator at one end and the buttpiece at the other. Twist the handle until the rifle is squeezed to the required length.

    Take it to the armourer and show him - he'll be impressed! :twisted:
  6. Thanks for the constructive comments
  7. Put him/her/it on LSW, or SMG/Browning as personal weapon.
  8. Paint him brown, feed him curry and issue him with a one will notice and he can sneak around decapitating Japanese in the silent hours...oh sorry, you wanted helpful suggestions only? Well what are you doing posting on HERE??
  9. Theres females (if you can call them that) in the OTC just hitting 5ft, a few under that - they manage, how small is he??
  10. Can't do anything to alter the length of the rifle unfortunately.

    Perhaps a bit of alternative weapon holding may do the trick. From the standing position, I rest the pistol grip on my left hand, which is tucked in nice and tight to my webbing.

    As the rifle is pretty well balanced, I get pretty good results with this. Not that I'm a shortarse you understand...
  11. Cadets & girlies manage the rifle o.k., so the bloke must have arms about 12" long! Make him move his legs around to the left a bit if hes prone - thats the traditional remedy for a shortarrse.
  12. children fire this weapon, is your man a flid ?
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

  14. She is very short, however she does try very hard. I think webbibg etc and CBA push the rifle further away hence not a problem for ACF.
  15. Perhaps she chose the wrong career. I believe Billy Smart is currently recruiting, but if she doesn't like custard and tri-cycles, there are vacancies in "Willy Wonka" (the musical) for Oompah Loompahs.