Shorter Army tours in Iraq, Afghanistan likely!

Shorter Army tours in Iraq, Afghanistan likely
Troops heading to war this summer to be gone 12 months instead of 15

updated 4:52 p.m. ET Feb. 19, 2008
WASHINGTON - Soldiers heading to war this summer are likely to see their tours shortened from 15 months to 12 months, even if troop cuts in Iraq are suspended in July as expected, the Army’s top general said Tuesday.

Gen. George Casey said that while his forces are strained by nearly seven years at war, the Army can maintain 15 combat brigades in battle for at least a couple of months after July while military commanders assess the situation in Iraq.

“Fifteen deployed brigades, for us, is sustainable for a bit longer, certainly enough to cover what I would think the length of this pause might be,” said Casey, the Army’s chief of staff.
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Hooray! 3 months less to get home to the empty house and shattered marriage, with the promise of depression and mental health issues to follow!

Linking this with the discussion yesterday regarding the American wish for NATO allies to lengthen their tours to 12 months it would now seem that the Americans are now seeing sense!
Or seeing some relief of their manning issues which extended their 12 month tours to 15 in the first place.....

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