Shortcut to creating folders within folders

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Spacehopper383, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. I have about 3000 folders each containing photos for a different building or site. What I have been asked to do is add a folder within these folders for the storage of expense against each site.
    Is there a quick way to do this or do I have to paste a new folder into the existing folder one at a time?
    Any advice would be gratefully accepted.
  2. are the folders all similarly named? or completely different

    or is it more

  3. Good question, as a basic VB script can create folders, but naming them may be the issue if they're all different.

    If they are like folder1, folder2 etc then a copy and paste from Excel will create the names for the script quite quickly.
  4. deleted so someone else can shine :wink:
  5. Change the file path on the network, or local PC etc, and change the filename, keep running it.
  6. Damn you smudge, that was my time to shine!

  7. sorted ;)
  8. from a command prompt at the top level directory

    I.E. your directories are held under D:\Building site Photos\

    command prompt should look like

    D:\Building site Photos>

    run ..... dir /A:D /B >>c:\directories.txt

    This will list all of the directories without any additional info and pipe it all into a text file on C:\

    Open the text file in excel

    In the first column put MD second column all the directories from the text file then \expense


    MD site1 \expense
    MD site2 \expense
    MD site3000 \expense

    Copy all of the data to a text editor (notepad)

    Remove all of the spaces (edit - replace) <space>\expense with <no space>\expence

    Save the file as xxxxx.bat or xxxxx.cmd in the toplevel directory

    run the .bat or .cmd by typing xxxx.bat in the command window you used to gather the data

    Suggest you test it first where you cannot lose anything

    Do not hold me responsible for any mistakes you make :)
  9. Ha ha, I was going to do a for loop in java, your way does the same job though.
  10. That would work :)
  11. Thanks Guys, I think I'll leave ARRSE now as this is all too clever for this Pet Mong. I'm only up to speed with cutting and pasting in Explorer.
    The folders are labelled like this B0001AA, B0001AB, B0002AA, B0002AB and so on.
    They threw me out of O level Computers when I couldn't grasp simple machine code. All I remember it was like a drawing pin stuck to the ceiling and that was in the days of BBC Basic.
    Is there an easy way to do it within the windows structure? If not thanks again for your advice.
  12. I could write you a simple bit of code to do it, but you would need a java compiler to run it, it would probably take longer to implement than just copying and pasting.

    Quick way to do that would be to open up the folder containing all your folders and as long as the new folder you want to put into all of them has exactly the same name, have it on say the desktop where you can see it and all of your picture folders. Then right click and drag it int the first folder, select "copy to here" from the drop down box that appears, rinse and repeat.
    This saves you having to continualy open folders only to close them again.

    Hope this helps and saves you some time, probably teaching you to suck eggs though.
  13. Cheers OPW, That sounds a tad faster than I am doing. You would have thought old Bill would have thought of this himself. Right where's my pen and paper. Dear Mr Gates....
  14. An easier way is to get an AGC clerk to do it for you, now that they have all been made redundant by JPA and the bloody Civil Service.