Shortcrust pastry

Not having yet mastered the art of pastry,I tried again yesterday.Failed dismally.I followed a plan,did just what Delia says,still dreadful.
It comes out thin and hard beneath the quiche mixture
Where am I going wrong?
too much water and you're working it too much. You need light hands!
Ruff Puff Pastry(and a doddle) 2/3 cup/mug full of self raising flour, half a small packet of butter and water (enough to make a dough)

Method, rub in butter with flour then add a lilttle water and kneed anding water till you get a workable dough (don't over kneed - think a touch like a midwife not a rapist) roll out with a well floured surface hey presto.

I've never bothered with cold water or bunging in a fridge, just tap water and roll onto anything your making. It's pretty basic really but light and crumbly.
True, keep it cold otherwise the fat melts into the flour before it gets a chance to bake. You mentioned quiche, are you baking it blind before adding the eggy mix. Also use a hard butter or lard not the sloppy marg that is almost liquid at room temp.
Aye it was fridged for a few hours prior to using,also blind baked.
I have a suspicion I rolled it too thin?
Good excuse to try again though!
I substitute half the fat for grated cheese and mix with a knife before finally rubbing in by hand to give the appearance of course breadcrumbs... then add cold water to bind it together.
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