Shortage of TA soldiers denial

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Aug 3, 2006.

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  1. Looking for the inevitable press release, but listened to an article on Radio 1's 8am news referring to a 6,000 shortage of TA soldiers, and the knock on effect to operations. Some senior bod then went on to say how there was not a problem.

    Not quite sure wwhat the exact numbers are, but if any ARRSE'r heard the item or knows of a link, please post it.

    As a bit of history lesson for journos reading in, this might give a useful insight.

    Government 'should re-think cuts to territorials' - although an old item, the writing seemed to be on the wall.

    Does the shortfall in TA impact on Ops?
  2. The current policy for TA appears to be recruiting purely to reinforce ops.
    The result is a high turnover and a lack of experience in units for further training/expansion or career prospects. One way of retention has been extending the age limit to try and keep a nucleus in to maintain numbers. :wink:
  3. But even that won't work. You'll retain the people who have nothing else to do with their spare time, and that's about it.

    The people who are in it to make a contribution to society, want to do something a little extra with their lives, and have skills that will crossover into their civilian employment/lives leave because the training is now being geared towards training individuals sufficiently that they can deploy as either part of a sub-sub unit - section and platoon level - or fit in with a Regular Army unit of that size.

    As such, once past Sergeant, a weekends training isn't that exciting - it's more a case of watching the training happen, or enabling that training - whether that be as Instructor, or Admin bod.

    Personally I feel the MoD is missing a trick - promote a 2 year Infantry engagement for 18 year olds. Offer a good core skills package in Basic Training, to include things like IT, literacy, etc.
  4. Probably explains why a) Turn out is slowly going down whilst we're still getting a good number thro the door abd b) I'm bored at every weekend.
  5. 2000 39,380
    2001 35,760
    2002 34,710
    2003 33,270
    2004 32,240
    2005 31,410
    2006 32,150

    Current strength of the TA (exl UOTC)

    I think the point that he, Gen Westminster, DRFC keep trying to make is that we have turned a corner with recruitment but we still have a long way to go
  6. opening up more regular courses to the TA (specifically things like basic alongside the regulars for those that wish, PCBC, TCBC and specialisation courses) would help the MOD to create a more genuinely useful and deployable cadre for operations within the TA and open up extra time at unit level for non-operational based training. Especially as a lot of the bods that volunteer for ops seem to have plenty of spare time to attend courses once back in blighty.
  7. I second that denial, TA soldiers are not short......well some are, but no more so than regulars :p
  8. and any mention of drag ARRSE'rs will no doubt be confused with slow posters :wink:
  9. When courses are opend up to TA it is always at the last minute when they realise numbers are down. "Can you attend a course starting the day after tomorrow?" I don't think so, little matter of work, life etc. getting in the way.