Shortage of new recruits in the corps

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by ITMatt, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've recently been to the ACIO to start the ball rolling on joining the Army.

    The recruiter taking me through the process was interested in knowing what I wanted to do in the Army, which I explained would ideally be as an Operator/Technician within the Royal Signals, due to my civi experience. He then went on to tell me that there is a major shortage of men in these positions, and that I should be prepared for my application to go very quickly.

    I was wondering if some of the guys on here could shed some light on whether or not this is true, and if so, why there is a current shortage of men?
  2. Clearly recruiter wasn't in the Royal Signals.

    There are masses of technicians especially now there is an amalgamation of the Sys Eng Tech and IS Op, as for the operator side not too sure, but good choice in thinking about the signals at least you will get a decent trade
  3. Its rather ironic but the original poster is correct.

    We still do have a glut of Techs but its a small glut and they are all in the wrong places and wrong ranks.

    Sys Eng on deployed Ops are in as much need as the IS boys.

    Oh well, we will get there in the end... :wink:
  4. Like we've already said on here, From April there is no longer any technician trade training. They may accept you at the ACIO either as a Sys Eng Tech or IS Engineer but you will 100% certainly train as Comm Sys Engr and do approximately 9 months technical trade training.

    We had a small surplus at Class 2 Corporal level, but that excess is gradually whittling away with "natural wastage" and as soon as they all rename to Comm Sys Engr (date not known) then we'll be under-strength overall. What we don't know yet is if the new trade will be what they call an "Operation Pinch Point" (OPP) trade, i.e. one which is deemed to be critically short of bums to seats. Either way, there is most definitely still a demand, so you're in a strong position. Go for it.
  5. [tinfoilhat]
    Come off it, it will take them a least a year or so to make a decision!

    Meanwhile, the manning problems for 2 trades will have been cured. :wink:
  6. Hi all,

    Sorry to bring this up again - I'm getting conflicting information on what the manning situation is like in the corps and how its affecting current intakes. I've had an ex-Signaller tell me that there is a flood of new techies and that intake is slow at present, and another ex-REME tell me that they are undermanned.

    My first choice is for Comm Sys Eng.

    Please can someone in the know advise on what the manning situation is like, and how this is affecting current intakes. PM me if you wish.


  7. Blokes who are "Ex" are by their nature out-of-date and you should probably ignore what they know of current trends (although not their overall experience, which is invaluable). Otherwise they would be able to tell you that the Corps doesn't run any tech courses any more. Plenty of demand for Comm Sys Engr at the moment, Matt. New trade training courses start every month in Blandford for your chosen trade. Good luck.
  8. Your first choice should be Installation Tech :D
  9. Really?

    Why is that? Apart from you are being/becoming one?

    Take a look at all trades within the Corps, and ask what YOU can give to us.

    Fcuckin hell, was I really THAT sensible?
  10. Good points, heidtheba.

    I'm going in with an open minded, ready to give 110%.

    As they say, you only get out what you put in!
  11. First and only sensible post from me Matt.

    Back to ******* PD's brew in the morning :twisted:
  12. My bolding.

    {pedant mode}
    If you believe that, your numeracy skills are not good enough to be a tech.
    {/pedant mode.}

    On a more serious note. Is there really a glut of techs? During my time techs where always undermanned. What has changed?
  13. Too many not wanting too do Class 1/ Foreman.

    2 years ago, 240 excess Class 2 Cpl's.
  14. Wow HTB, that was very "JFK". Ask not what your country can do for you....etc etc.

    Damn...I thought it was just dodgy coffee from Lidl.

    Remember that they're about to merge all the Sys Eng Techs and IS Engrs into a single engineer trade. That means the previous figures are out the window. The IS trade was an Op Pinch Point, so the deficit and surplus from both trades effectively cancel each other out. Not sure what the stats read like when you count both trades together, but I'll ask around a couple of contacts.
  15. I know PD, i'll stick to being a cnut, suits me better :wink: