Shortage Of Flak Vests For PSNI Officers.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Beyond a joke,after the events of the past few weeks you'd have thought that NI is one place where the is'nt a shortage!

  2. Stick them all in Ospreys I say
  3. Now they know what its like to be in our shoes , maybe they,ll stop whinging about pay and holding protests etc etc etc
  4. I and those I work with have a fair idea what it's like "to be in your shoes". That is, if you are referring to the possibility of ending a days duty maimed or murdered. I don't think the issue of appropriate ballistic body armour is an unreasonable request. Especially given the recent incidents on this side of the water. As for the osprey idea. Something not too far from it will be rolled out as personal issue here for certain roles/tasks. Having it this time next year is no good for those who may need it now. Find it hard to believe though that from a force of almost 13,500 nine years ago, we've apparently not got enough flakkers for just over half that number now.
  5. Based on the amount of former police kit you can get on ebay I would bet that a lot of them were sold off.
  6. No doubt. However I doubt that over five thousand of the things have been filtered out through ebay! Current Inspector is gathering up several dozen of the spares we have lying in our armoury to send back. Problem would be solved if each station area had a civvy responsible for the storage and issue of such items. Oh wait...
  7. It wasn,t a dig at the blokes on the ground foggy , as i know a few guys who crossed over to the dark side so to speak , it was intented for the police federation and tree hugging types who have failed yourselfs by putting all there efforts and your resources into hair brain schemes which has brought a large well equipted organisation to the position it is at now , even considering the constant targeting , attacks and possible attacks that have been thwarted by yourselfs ever since normalisation ( well acording to the press and cheque writers anyway ) .