Shortage of Artificer Vehicles SSgts?

Discussion in 'REME' started by P3HO, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Is it right that there is a letter knocking about saying the Corps is in another mess with a Shortage of Artificer Vehicles SSgt's?

    No doubt we will now be considering putting the Artizan in the gaps?

    1 day PAAB and no tiffies.....hmmmmmm :?
  2. SSgt Art Veh post is too easy a job for an Artisan SSgt.... ;)
  3. Slightly predictable... :D

    But what is this letter going on about? Surely there are lots of poor quality fast-tracked tiffies going through the factory right now?
  4. Yeah, sorry about that - thought I'd get it in before anyone else.

    Bear in mind the reason PAABs have been messed around with is that we weren't getting enough blokes through, so maybe the perceived lowering of standards hasn't borne fruit yet.

    Give it about 6 months and you should have some highly trained engineering managers to fill the gaps.
  5. The letter is looking at alternative options to man the 40-odd gapped SSgt Art Vehs posts until such time as output from the tiffy course catches up. Alternatives are:
    1. Art Unspec
    2. Artisan
    3. Gap the post
    Depends on the particular job from where I sit - some unspec tiffies can do the more 'general' tiffy jobs, some artisans can certainly run fitter sections ... but there are a good number of posts that need both the vehicles knowledge and the management skills learnt on the tiffy course. Anyone else got any alternative options tucked up their sleeves ?
  6. Yup, use Art Wpns to run fitter sections. This will have two benefits:
    1. The management post is filled by a trained manager.

    2. The Artisan Sgt will be empowered to use his experience to assist the running of the section, making him happy and the Tiff calmer.

    3. If the Art Wpn is a stroker, it will be immediately evident to the Chain of Command :)

    I suppose an ex-CE Tech could do the job too, but not a Tels or Radar Tech (god forbid)

    Too easy!
  7. It always makes me smile when I read that Tiffies are automatically classed as managers because they have sat through hours of endless waffle at Arborfield.

    Artizan or Tiffy - what is the difference. Can the guy manage the blokes? Thats all that counts. But for some reason we only seem to think the Tiffies can do it. Should be a laugh when all the class ones come off their tiffy courses with two or three postings under their belts and try to "manage" a group of tradesmen.

    The Corps in decay - I never thought I would actually still be serving when it started. Oh goody, now I can witness the chaos first hand :)
  8. Well said, you beat me to the fact that attendance on a Tiffy course automatically makes you a manager is somewhat nieve. I've had good and bad managers from all aspects of the Corps, and all rank ranges. Management can't be learnt by powerpoint!
    Hopefully the Corps can keep going for another 34 months, then who cares.
    "Variable Engagement - Rather swallow me knob!"
  9. The diffrence between an Artisan and an Artificer is that an Artificer has been trained to be a manager.

    I didn't say that Tiffs were all good managers, but they should be, given the time spent at REME Arms School learning the art.

    Artisan Sgts are not trained managers, some are bloody good managers but that's just good luck or good drills on their part.

    Finally, spelling time for you two:
    Artisan - not Artizan
    Naïve - not Nieve

    See, Artificer training really works :) :)

    BTW I saw the decay coming and left our fine Corps for the younger model...
  10. I came off Tiffy course to manage troops with only two units prior, standard stuff for a Tech and Im pretty sure I did a good job.
    Why are we always so quick to assume that things will be bad? Who says that a man is no good as a manager? His peers? Subordinates or Superiors? Are we allowed to take in personal prejudice or does the (work)shopsteward have absolute authority?
  11. "an Artificer has been trained to be a manager"

    OMG - I hope you are joking!? The ONLY difference between the two is that the Tiffy has endured 2 years of sh*te. If they can manage or not is Russian Roulette. The sad thing is that nobody tells the Tiffy this and he tips up spouting buzzwords and cliches. I've seen it happen at 1st Line and it is cringing to watch.

    We have devalued the Artificer process enough now and even those we are forcing to be assessed dont want to become one. Time to bite the bullet and look for another solution coz this aint working. But if we do continue to kid ourselves then heaven help us when the "just off class one course" bunch get hold of a centralised fitter section.
  12. I guess you slept through ACFC 2,3 & 4 then, or you didn't do the course. Either way, your loss.
    There are plenty of people in the unit who should be guiding new Tiffs, mainly the Q Man, ASM and the more senior Tiffs. Whether the new tiff listens is up to him. I listened to all the advice I was given and made my decisions based on advice and training.
    I don't think we should write off the latest tiffs, some of them would have made it through the old system too....
  13. With such a shortage can someone tell me why they are loading courses that are designed to take 14 people with only 7!?! (the number on the last course to start. )
    I ve now been waiting loading for 3 years, i attended the 5 day PAAB and passed first time, on the day i passed i was fully qualified for the Tiffy course as i had completed SMC and EFP ages befor.
    I fully understand that they cant lower the proverbial bar in standards but surely if you can pass PAAB you are at the standard required (this raises the other question of how they can tell after one day PAAB ?)
    I also understand that it is determined by time left to serve at the end of the course, Ive only just reached my 12 year point so i understand the old and crusties above me are more of a priority than i am.
    But still 7 people GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like the Murphys im not bitter !!!!! :x
  14. you should be asking your chain of command mate.

  15. Tried that mate was thinking of asking for BEME s interview next step