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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Yorkshire_Warrior, Nov 17, 2006.

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  1. Reading in a magazine today in uni and there was a lad from the RMR in Newcastle in who did a 3 month tour on op telic last year (during his summer break)

    Before now I always though that this would not be possible for uni student due to by the time doing OPTAG, acclimasition etc they would be of little help to their unit out there.

    My question is:
    Is this a common thing that can be done? (esp for uni students)
    and how would I go about it?

    Is there any arrsers that have done this or know of somone who has?

    If this is possible it would be deffiently somthing I would be intrested in my leave in summer


  2. In 24 yrs I have never experienced any form of acclimatisation, in any theatre, its a red herring
    Complete your school days first, or are you just thinking about the money.
    Yes we a student go to the sand pit 2 yrs ago but she did the full monty matey
  3. I feel shorter tours would be ok, however I feel it would annoy the regular army as it would seem the stabs get sent back to blighty for an early bath.
  4. i can only think that they go one short tours for one thing 'MONEY'
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Shorter tours may be OK for a few specialist posts, but otherwise, they can be a pain for those who actually have to work with you!

    4PARA did a very successful thing last year - in essence a 'gap year TA' which ivolved all basic training, Jumps (where possible) and an Op Tour - but the whole thing took a year. Maybe that's what you should be thinking about?
  6. Not true. Many people would like to deploy but can't because of family or work. Short tours may make it possible for them to deploy anyway.

    If two guys can do three months each, it saves someone else from doing six months.
  7. And if MoD thought about it, they could offer up some UK posts for 3 months, that would free up a Regular soldier for 12.

    If you had 4 TA soldiers able to fill a post over a 12 month period, that's one other soldier freed up for something else.

    If MoD thought in terms of job sharing perhaps?
  8. The RN (and RM) do do three month tours for their people - I was on Telic with them and most were doing 3 month tours for both regs and reservists. It worked well for them.
    The army only do it for particular branches (mainly within the AMS I believe) - I had to see the dentist at the Palace and the nurse was finishing her second 3 month tour.
    The RNR look like they will start doing one month tours -

    however, they are purley IR's and do not (and cannot) go as formed bodies of personnel from what I understand.
    I agree with T_T, most would e happy to do 3 months for family and work reasons, and if pushed, the army would find a way round it...the navy have.
  9. Fair one
  10. Once upon a time op tours were 4 1/2 mounths long, with a few days R&R however that was NI and it was changed to 6 months as "it wasn't too far away" and was a "Homelike" environment, this 6 monthness followed over into other tours.

    I know guys who did short tours, the difference between them and 6 monthers was the former didn't get an R&R, they just got to go home, did we hate them ? Well we thoguht they were jammy but thats the game you play, what winds me up more are those who manage a 30 day trip to the theatre and go home, hmm convinent.
  11. Further thought to this, I actually think that 3 months tours is the way ahead for all troops not just TA

    I have done a few 6 monthers in my time, and a 4 1/2 one , and there is a difference between them.

    All the 6 month tours I have did went the same

    Month 1: Getting to know the area, keen and eager
    Month 2: Sorting out skills and drills, getting embedding in well, a few off on R&R
    Month 3: Well sorted in the area, know job well but undermanned as many are on R&R
    Month 4: Some disillusioned (back from R&R) Quite baddly undermanned due again to R&R, things feeling a bit samey, apathy setting in
    Month 5: Groundhog day, everyones finished on R&R, thumb up arrse, mind in neutral.
    Month 6: Eyes on the prize, all anyone wants to do is get their arrse home and have a few bevvys

    A 3 month tour would eleviate the R&R plot, thus less are required on tour to make up the numbers, also there are other 6 monthisms that may not rear their ugly heads, like RSM's being RSM's, painting the HQ buildings in Stable Belt colours etc to excercise a normalish feel to the place.

    Th exception to the rule would be LO groups who are probably on extended tours anyway
  12. I was at OPTAG last week, one squadron strength unit of the TA was going to Herrick for a short tour. If you want to do one ask the mobilisation officer at HQ Land. He is a civvi and you can get his number from the Ops room at RTMC.

    The guy is very accomodating and quite brilliant at his job (light years ahead of those who administer FTRS) if there are short tours going he will know about them.

    Hope this helps

  13. Indeed - short tours are being permitted - especially for Staff appointments. Just ask and thou will be anoited (sorry, appointed)