short tours?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. hello, im sorry for asking bone questions. but is it possible to serve on short tours, for example during summer holidays off uni. if so, has anyone don this? whats he min. amount?

    thanks in advance
  2. yes it is but I think you need to be in a specialist unit (I've heard of people doing their 2 week camps in Iraq)

  3. The uni summer break is not really going to be long enough for you to be very useful on Ops by the time you have mobilised, done OPTAG etc. - I'd also guess that you lack much in the way of experience/ military job skill anyway ? - and the end of June is way to late to start planning !

    What you probably could do is sort out some courses. Worth speaking to your PSI. You may also be able to find employment with the unit itself in the run-up to camp - sorting stores, admin jobs. Forthcoming inspections also lead to a heap of vehicle prep work. Depends on the MTD budget ! Bottom line - Ask the PSI, explain how much time you have and when.
  4. Or you could try for an attachment to a regular unit for the period of your vacation (in garrison or on ex rather than on tour).

    Alternatively again, if you've got an FMT 600, you could spend the vacation on a few TA Annual Camps attached as a driver. May not seem particularly exciting, but a lot of units could make use of an extra bod. If you're just looking for something to fill in the vacation, pick up some dosh and maybe get a bit of foreign travel in, this could be the way. Also arrangeable at fairly short notice. Any other trade or skill that you've picked up on the way could also be used as an incentive to let you join in.
  5. How? Surely they would need another two 2 weeks just for OPTAG?
  6. The nearest examples that I've come across are people who have done a tour and have gone back for a short period (as little as a week) to do a unique task while still current. If the re-visit falls in the following training year, I suppose this would count towards their Camp, though the people I've come across have done their Camp as well.

    Otherwise, the OPTAG alone would exceed the duration necessary for Camp.
  7. I've heard of RTMC being done on a weekend (no OPTAG)

    Info came from this thread TA RSigs IT Specialist Pool
  8. Short 3 month tours are being considered as we are running out of people to mobilise - many now on 2-3rd tour! Someone needs to tell the Army Board that short tour is the way to go as it is easier to get leave from work etc as opposed to being written off for 9 months and coming back to a different post than the one you left!

    Last year AB were talking about TA mobilisation of 9-12 months as 'their research indicated this was what TA soldiers wanted'.

    Who the hell did they talk to - Yosser Hughes and Student Grant?
  9. 9-12 months sound about right, if you deploy as a subunit that does pre deployment training of 6 weeks, 2 weeks pre tour leave, 6 months in Iraq then end up with some 46 working days POTL....Just under 10 months all told. Of which 4 months was spent in the UK. 3 month tours just won't work. Add leave and POTL and you still touch 4 months. 3 months in the UK, yes, maybe. 3 months in Iraq, not worth it.