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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Crazy_Ranger, Aug 4, 2005.

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  1. I think this came up before, but is there is there any such thing as a short tour for TA infantry, as in third level summer job type arrangement? (edit- in terms of duration only, obviously).
  2. Hi.I do believe that you can do 3 0r 4 months tour but you wont get R and r leave.I went on a tour with RGJ in 2000 in kosovo and some ta lads got to do half a tour.The only prob is that youl get a slagging for doing halfatour.
  3. To be honest if you have previous service, or have been through RTMC once already they as quite open to tailor a tour.

    One of the lads in my Platoon in Bosnia short toured so he could go home, and then onto Afghanistan (Odd bloke).
  4. 3,6,9 or 12 month tours depending on the unit.
  5. "3,6,9 or 12 month tours depending on the unit"

    which arms would be able to get 3 or 6 month (in total) tours? would love to get some Op experience, whilst not losing civvie career.
  6. I think you might struggle: All the 3 or 4 month tour guys I know do it because they're specialists (Signals and Int Corps), and they go for the short tours because they are on 3 on/3 off pretty much non-stop.

  7. The short tour is a recent thing mainly for medical units. The tours are designed for consultants,registrars, specialists Nursing etc; those people due to their work committments cant afford to take a long period off.
  8. TA Infantry used to do short tours in Kosovo/Bosnia all the time. Only problem I could see was that the TA/Regular Reservists on three month tours used to get the jobs no one really wanted (stores, CIMIC dvr, OC Rover gp), but the guys on six month tours were integrated into the platoons.

    Operation Fingal (in 2003 anyway) was a 3 month tour, but with mobilisation, 6 weeks beat up training and pre/post tour leave, it worked out at something like 6 months in total.

    Best thing to do is speak to someone at RTMC Chilwell and see what the deal is. If you've got a trade that they need, they'll probably find a way of making it happen.

    *BLUFF* Or you could do what some cnut did on my last mobilisation, and pretend to go radio rental in order to gome home early *BLUFF*

  9. That wasn't the t**t that has now moved to the RE?
  10. Not sure about him moving to the RE, but I've heard the fcuker's moved to the west country.

    I hope he gets cancer, I really do.
  11. Musnt be him then. the one i'm thinking of is from up north. Caught him in the bar entertaining the new blokes with his war stories and how he was sent home because he'd seen his best mates head blown off. He also made a t**t of himself when he told the reg unit he was attached to that he was in Afganistan, and he carried the minimi but had forgotton all the drills. He had his mum with him (possibly to protect him from us in the know)and this was why he walked out of the tac. These people need steralizing. Fcuking walt!!
  12. Can you specify when you want to go on tour? I'm at Uni just now but would like to get some hands on experience sometime soon, Bosnia seems to be quite a popular posting for the Sigs. Would it be possible to go on tour for say 3 monts in my summer holidays?
  13. It all depends on when Chilwell are running mobilisation courses and how fast your paperwork goes through.

    If your NRPS doesn't get his/her arrse in gear then you'll have problems.

    Bear in mind that if the individual mobilisation package is the same (my info on going as an individual is now nearly four years old), you've got to do a 2 week mobilisation package, and then a weeks OPTAG training. They do run them quite often though (one or two a month).

    You can ring RTMC Chilwell directly and ask - their nunber's somewhere on the MOD website
  14. Thanks for the info, I've heard OPTAG bounded about a lot but what exactly is it?
  15. As an individual, it's a 5 day package where you'll be taken through things like cordon operations (4 C's stuff), mines awareness, rules of engagement, use of interpreters etc, etc. It's actually tailored to the theatre that you'll be deploying to and well worth staying awake for. The OPTAG instructors will have visited the theatre that you're deploying to recently, and will have up to date knowledge on tactics in use on the ground and threats that you will face.

    If you're going as part of a formed unit, it'll be tailored to the job that said unit is expecting to do.

    It doesn't happen often (esp. at junior levels) but they can stop people deploying if they don't think that they're up to the task. I've only heard of that happening to senior ranks though.