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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Waldorfmuppet, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Have seen this question hinted at in other threads.

    Does anyone know of any TA units which offer 3 month tours (other than medical).

    Last Mobilisation took us up to the full 12 month period, which didnt go down well with Mrs Muppet! When the next one comes round it would be easier to sell a short tour.

    Have been looking at other units, Int corps, Joint CIMIC teams etc, but does anyone here have any experience of deploying with anyone wierd or wonderful? Or am I better going as an IR with a regular unit and looking for a short tour that way?
  2. I did see an email a while ago saying short tours are available... ask I guess?
  3. We do them.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Is that the Royal 'we'?
  5. If you find regular unit that will let you do a short tour as an IR will you let me (and the rest of the TA) know?
    If you go as an IR they will keep you for as long as their own tour is. I had heard a rumour - and it has been floating around since Bosnia - that if you can get two bods to "jobshare" you can do a short tour - ie you do the first three months, and they do the second three months. However, I know of no-one who has done it (though many have tried) and the simple maths in these recession hit times is that they are not going to stick two bods through mobilisation (+ 2x mobilisation bounties) & OPTAG twice with all the other additional costs that that involves, for one tour.
    Why not look at FTRS? Even with that though, they are usually for a miniumum of a year.
  6. early this year I became aware of a job that would last for seven weeks in theatre - I tried to go for it but nobody seemed to know if eg. the seven weeks included 2 at Chilwell. Short tours *are* available, but very hard to find.
  7. I'm sure The Duke will reply to this in more detail on behalf of our unit but a number of 4 PARA soldiers deployed on Op Herrick 8 and served as IRs in 1, 2 and 3 PARA and did so for 'short' tours - bear in mind that before deploying to theatre they also undertook pre-deployment training and OPTAG so the duration of those activities, and subsequent POTL, would need to be factored into a period of mobilisation. In effect, you're still looking at being mobilised for between 4-6 months.

    In summary, i suppose this approach could be classed as 'intelligent' mobilisation in that it fulfilled the Regular Battalions need for IRs and offered a degree of flexibility for soldiers in 4 PARA wanting to serve with a Regular Battalion on this tour. As far as i'm aware, there were no complaints from either side on this effective and efficient management of Regimental resources.
  8. [gritted teeth] you lot are leading the way here Gluck [/gritted teeth]
  9. For Herrick 8 we were mobilised in November, 4/5 months before we deployed in order to integrate better with the unit we were joining (even though we operated as a TA company on our own most of the time anyway :roll: ). As it was quite successful I can see it being done again. I agree it did work well and in many respects it helped our guys into the right frame of mind. A 3 month tour, even with RTMC/OPTAG etc, would still be much easier to sell but I understand the need for units and individuals to have time to get to grip with their jobs properly.

    The 'job share' idea sounds good in theory, it may be one thing for Rgrs to come and go, but for sect commanders and above more continuity is needed. As our lot tend to deploy as formed units I will probably have to commit to the whole (12 month) tour.

    This is why I have been looking for a different unit with some sort of speciality, yes if needed I can drive the big yellow bus.
  10. My bold - it's too simplistic to describe it as a 'job share' as individuals often arrive in theatre earmarked for a particular role but circumstances - of all sorts - can result in them being moved to other roles for which they are more suited or where the need is greater.
  11. I understand that but usually these are last minute arrangments or in theatre re-shuffles.

    Just a case of waiting for one of these 'last minute' jobs to come up, would be nice to know in advance though!
  12. Did see a short(ish) tour advertised on the Reserve Army Opportunities List (RAOL) the other week. If I recall it was 6 months all told with 3 in theatre and the rest accounted for by training and pre and post tour leave. Couldn't find anything similar now but worth keeping an eye open.

  13. If you manage to find a short tour (and it is possible - I did one), be sure that the paperwork, callout notice etc, reflect this. If it says 11.5 months, you are not on a short tour, no matter what anybody tells you. Otherwise, once you are in theatre you will find yourself stagging on until you can find a way of extricating yourself. This happened to me, and was only resolved at 1* level. I went for three months, and stayed for nearly five. Actually, I was quite happy and enjoying myself, but civ employer was not altogether chuffed. You need to have all this sorted before you get as far as Chilwell, otherwise once you sign up you could be there for longer than you expect. Good luck though!
  14. *edit
    I should have read the whole thread..I basically repeated dra1n5 about checking the RAOL regularly.
  15. The subject of Short tours is covered in brief in the CGS Briefing Team report published this week on ArmyNet; see under Commitments - TA; essentially it lays out the reasons why its not widespread.