Short Tours.....Just In Time For A Medal Short!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Missionary_Impossible, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Two people are just about to return from a tour, they hold senior positions within the Regt, and they are returning on the back of some quite frankly, pathetic excuses. Time away??? 28 days exactly.
    I'm interested to know how much of this is going on, and if so, how come it is deemed acceptable.
  2. You may not like it but if they hold senior positions, what are you going to do about it? It's no different to people who got the Kosovo medal for sitting on their arses in Naples....
  3. It is pants...

    Think back to when the only three medals you would normally get!


    Bandies went to the province did 28 days and then ferked orf again! That was shit as well, been done for ages mate!
  4. And got the Falklands Medals and never left London !!!.
  5. How did they wangle that 1??????
  6. The way i see it is you wear your medals with pride and knowing what you have done to earn them. Someone who has wangled a 28 day tour to receive a medal is only fooling himself at the end of the day. It's not the medal that counts but what you did to earn it.
  7. I know I'm a scaley intruding on an aviation forum, but thought I'd let you know this is also wide-spread amongst our numbers as well.
    I once worked for an Int Corps WO1 who had a whole chest full of medals, but once added up had only done about a year away. When Bosnia and Kosovo changed to Oculus and a new medal was being issued they put themselves down for a 5 week stint as OC of a troop...until it was announced that if you held any of the other Balkans medals you couldn't wear the new one. They were then indespensible (spellist) and couldn't go.

    I'm going back in my hole now.
  8. M_I,

    What are the "pathetic excuses"?
  9. Mostprobably a form needed signing on his desk at home!
  10. Sound just like Radio Supes to me....
  11. To be honest i don't want to be drawn on it, but trust me, they are poor, poor reasons, as were the excuses for going out there in the first place. The old chestnut of ticks in the boxes are prevalent in every bodies thoughts when being told this particular story. One of the people has created a rod for his own back when it comes down to respect, as quite rightly pointed out by Fallshirmjager. I will go out and do my time on my tour when the time comes, i won't BS*it you, i am not going to storm into the Admin office and bang out over it, but, if i can stick it to the man on this, i will......... If i did respect them before, i don't now. :!:
  12. There are quite a few people that go out for a lot less than 28 days, do a damn sight more than those that are there for 6 months, and don't get a medal. Lets face it, this has always happened. I went on Op Granby for 19 days during the initial phase, I didn't complain that I didn't get a gong, but I bloody complained when every bugger in Cyprus got a Granby Medal for windsurfing. So frankly I didn't feel guilty when the medal arrived for only doing 36 days on Telic 1, I didn't exactly have any say in the matter. To be honest if at the 27 day point someone had said "you can get on a flight today or stay one more day for a medal" I'd have nicked their vehicle and been in Basra within the hour!
  13. I think we've all seen it and it's obviously not something that has mellowed with time. Good points from Fallschirmjager and Floppyjocky and I think it just boils down to the individual, are you gong crazy or not. If you get one anyway then fine but do you go out hunting them?

    My only experience was the choice of NI or BATUS and I chose BATUS. I was told that I would get a medal for NI. AND?

    Got the proclamation and a severe six week hangover but nothing to polish on my chest.
    Maybe I should get a nipple pierced?
  14. Sounds like a big "IF"! :twisted:
  15. It's not the length of time, it's the careerism behind it that p-s me off. Medals equal experience, well no they don't, experience equals experience and anyone who thinks that can be overturned by silvery-ribbony stuff is misled or worse. The Army is in danger of losing track of its values. Then again, any organisation that has to publish a pamphlet called "The Values and Standards of the British Army" probably is...

    22 years I served before that splendid work winged it's way into my pigeon hole and never did I consider standards consciously - because we were being imbued with them subconsciously and our professionalism was a global standard in itself. I fear that there are cracks in the walls, only one in every three legionaries is a real Roman and as for this Emperor Blairinus - apparently he comes from the provinces!