Short Tour; Requirements?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. I recently tried to get on a short tour. Long story short; nobody could tell me if the mob dates inculded the pre-depolyment beat-up, MATTS traing etc. or if they where inclusive. Without knowing this, I could not apply ( I still have a main job, just.. )

    Does anyone have the definitive line on this? And can the requirements be confirmed - MATTS, 6/8 mile CFT OPTAG package etc.


  2. Do 3MI know their recruits won't be getting trained?
  3. Cheeky!
  4. You would like to think that the military would have learned a lesson by now. After more than a decade of the regular army relying upon the TA for operational deployments, the need to inform reservists of the exact time/date commitments before volounteering should be obvious (unless they think that all reserve forces are on the dole).
  5. BB

    In my experience the mobilised dates include Chilwell (all MATTS), pre-deployment training, OPTAG, the tour itself and POTL. HOWEVER, whilst the date you turn up at Chilwell is a given the other dates are flexible and your precise end-of-tour date may not be known till nearer the actual time. As such, that has a knock-on effect on your POTL calculation and last paid day of service. You should though be able to make an educated guess (SWAG) based on the known timings of all the elements included above.
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I remember a few lads (TA) on Telic 4 who short toured in September instead of November because they succesfully claimed it was a six month call up
    Not call up Op Tag and then tour - 6 months for the lot
  7. BB
    There was an urgent trawl for a short tour earlier this week in our Brigade and the dates quoted were all inclusive
  8. Thandsk GB - I dont think I'm on your CC1 list so I missed that. I'll PM you later if thats OK.

    FWIW, the mob dates where seven weeks (!) doing a job that would have involved lots of visits to the FOBs by convoy so would have involved the two-way range by all accounts - nobody could tell me if the beat up requirements where inclusive / on top of. Has a big impact when planning leave of absence from work...
  9. Is this a desperate attempt to get a medal, so that people stop giggling at you?
  10. GB

    PM sent