Short Tour Belgium/France

Can someone in the know please advise on the best course of action for a very short battlefield tour:

Ferry lands at midday on the friday and leaving late Monday. What would be the best things to see in such a short time and which can be bypassed?

Cheers in advance


Get a decent tour book and pick the best locations for yourself. I made the massive error of trying to fit in everything in a weekend. 15 years later I am stlil going to Ypres and the Somme and finding I havent even scratched the surface.

You havent said where you are going.

As stated a good tour guide book is the way ahead say Holts or Before Endeavours Fade by Rose Coombes MBE which covers both areas.
Very fair point. Posted in a rush. Getting ferry over. Planning on the Somme, Menin Gate etc but plans are a bit up in the air

Not been for about 15 years or so no need a refresher
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