Short Sleeve Order

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by hurryupandwait, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. Basically, I am not the biggest fan of having to roll my sleeves down. In a strange way, I feel better at work when I have my sleeves rolled up and I think that CS95 looks like a set of pyjamas with the sleeves rolled down.

    Surely it should be my choice if I want to have my sleeves rolled up or down? Given the erratic weather we are currently having, the summer usually goes beyond September anyway.

    So, the question is this - is it time to stop the short sleeve / long sleeve order periods and allow personnel to make their own choice?
  2. Always thoght that was up to the Badge.
  3. yeah, personal choice in 'uniform' - I'm more of a flip flops than boots kind of guy and berets mess with my hair gel too....
  4. If you want shirt sleeve order all year round, join a commando unit...
  5. Hang on a mo, I thought CS 95 et al was a UNI FORM

    Doesnt that suggest a level of similarity in the way its worn? In other words the dress policy is laid down for very good reasons follow it.

    Either that or join the Dutch Army.
  6. Short Sleeve Order looks much tidier and soldier-like than long sleeve order IMHO.

  7. Out of interest, did anyone actually wear their old working dress shirts any other way than with the sleeves rolled up? A more common sense approach was used back then, put your jumper on. You poof.
  8. always thoght it was "shirt Sleeve" orders
  9. All of mine were tailored bar one kept for RSM's inspections.

    Personally I'd rather do the same with the CS95 and wear a combat jacket outside to keep a uniform appearance around camp.
  10. I really liked my desert shorts and can I have my shirt untucked at all times please
  11. I think we should all be able to go to the RSM and tell him what type of uniform we FEEL we should wear on any day even if it is hot or cold.... Is that not why we joined the Army?..............
  12. i loved the desert undies real class hard to pee through though so i pissed meslf
  13. FFS. Is this what is passing itself off as 'soldiering' nowadays? Between this and the 'sideburns' thread I am starting to get completely 'shitgripped'. When you were in phase 1 were you given a choice in how you would like to turn out? No didn't feckin think so. So stop feckin whining and get on with it. People are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and people are producing hotwind about the length of your sidies and how uncomfortable longsleeve order makes them. Feckin grow a set and grow up. What's up CS95 in barracks not look 'ally' enough for you? If you want to dress like a scruffy cnut fcuk off and get some in, in Afghan or similar. CNUTS!
  14. The answer, of course, is get yourself promoted to a senior officer rank. Brigadiers and above have always been allowed a certain latitude in their dress.
  15. If you want to wear your uniform any which way you feel then join the cavalry as an officer. You can even mix and match uniform, and uniform with civvies. They call it 'cavalry flair' :D