Short Service Volunteer Commission - Pension ?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by saladin, Dec 2, 2010.

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  1. Years ago I applied for FTRS and got offered a post with a unit in NI - so I had to go on SSVC. On return to the UK I converted back to FTRS and stagged on for several more years.

    Before I go through the rigmarole of asking our pay folk - anyone know how SSVC ties in with Reserves pensions ?
    There was no gap in service, I was on duty on SSVC one day, in uniform at Chillwell the next and back with the unit that evening.
  2. I'd have thought if you were on FTRS you would have qualified for a reserved pension after 2 years whether you were an officer or other rank.
  3. SSVC is not pensionable. Had you done the attachment on FTRS it would have been. Would be interested in a legal comment but that is how I understand it
  4. Now thats interesting - It all happened very fast and I don't remember getting any sort of brief on what it entailed - no trip to Chilwell, no OPTAG, just straight to NI in my own car....

    OK, the end of Banner was not exactly dangerous but I was " On Ops" and Gazetted in the "Regular" section of the reports. If I'm going to be short-changed on a Pension I'm going to be pretty peeved - and legal action will be right at the top of my list - It was APC who f*cked up and lost me the FTRS post I'd applied for in the first place !!

    Edited to add - A bit of Google found this.....

    I am on a Short Service Volunteer Commission (SSVC). Will I have to join AFPS 05 if I start another SSVC?
    Yes, you will automatically join AFPS 05. You can keep your previous service in AFPS 75-FTRS or transfer that service into AFPS 05, but the usual time limits apply for transferring in of benefits (see the booklet ‘Transferring Benefits’ MMP/129).

    So hopefully my year in NI will run straight on into the FTRS that followed for Pension purposes.....
  5. Do let me know how you get on since I got a long winded no from the men at the ministry who would not link my SSVC service stating that the type of commission/service did not carry any pension rights so could not carry any additional increment to regular or FTRS pensionable service
  6. OK, will do !

    If it is the case that SSVC carries no pension then it would be a strange anomaly. I'll try to find the original doc that shows up on Google - it was in a National Archives page so its "official" ....

    edited to add ... the text I quoted was one of the FAQs associated with the Offer to Transfer Doc around AFPS05. to be pukka ?
  7. Thanks. It wouldnt be the first time the left and right hands were confused. I have the letter somewhere so would be delighted to see what you can turn up