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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Tartan_Terrier, Sep 22, 2006.

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  1. I'm off on a course next week, and finally got the papers about it through the post yesterday (I applied at the start of August).

    Apart from the usual stuff, there was a small folder included about training for the course, in which it stated that it was included due to the numbers of people who turn up for the course unprepared.

    The standards expected aren't totally insane, but they are somewhat different to the standards throughout the rest of the Defence forces.

    How can they expect people to get in shape for the course in a week? If they've had problems with peoples' fitness on previous courses, surely it would have been sensible to send this a month or two ago?
  2. Can I ask what is the course you are doing.
  3. You can, but it won't help too much!

    It's Vidergående Patrulje Uddannelse/Hjemmeværnets Indsats Patrulje Kursus. (Danish TA Patrols course)
  4. Surely as the well trained and highly motivated reserve force that we are constantly told you are, your fitness should always be up to scratch.

    Is it a volunteer course? if yes then why would people volunteer for it if theyre not up to the physical aspect?

    Good luck on the course.
  5. Ah well, cheer up! We've just had it the other way around... Some of us were included in a regular course and trained for it. We took leave from our ' other' jobs and one of the guys even rented a car to drive to the course.

    When we got there we were told it was canceled and didn't we know?!
  6. Thanks FF

    Yes, it's a volunteer course, and I'm not too worried about my own fitness, but it just seems stupid that we don't even know the standards to achieve until a week before the start.
  7. knowing the Danish, youll need to be up to speed on geting leathered every night.
  8. Not just a dutch thing, sent three recruits on a recruits course, turned up "what course??" Also found out 2 days before a course that it had been cancelled for 4 months (even though it was booked 3 months before it was meant to start :? :? )