Short moan about deploying

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wg100, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Due to be deploying to Afghan in the very near future...
    Things have been very disorganised with getting us out there. Not that I’m surprised anymore. For example, we were told back in January that we would have a 120kg baggage allowance and would therefore not need to send things out via sea freight. Then at the beginning of the week this allowance was cut by more than half to 55kg. The extremely annoying thing was the lack of thought on the Armys’ part to try to make up for the loss of baggage capacity (which was their fault). The lack of thought for the inconvenience to all the soldiers who were planning on taking comfort items with them (such as gaming consoles, DVD players, TVs, etc) is symptomatic of the Army in general. If a major company in the civilian sector treated its workers with the contempt that the Army treats us, then it would soon find people leaving in droves. As it is, the Army does have problems with retention and recruiting, and things like this really don’t help. The higher echelons don’t really think about how their decisions will reflect on those at the bottom of the food chain. After all, this is the Army and soldiers will follow orders…

    On the subject of flying, you would have thought it would make sense to fly us from the country where we are based (Germany) wouldn't you? Well not to this Army... instead we have an 8 hour coach trip back to the UK so that we can fly from Brize. What a waste of time and money! Remember, it's your tax pounds going towards this...

    Don't get me started on how hard it has been to get the kit that we need. We've been told by HQ Land that we don't need PO kit issued as
    1. it won't be needed out there and
    2. we're not trained in it's use.
    So I guess that day we had of PO training during our OPTAG CFX means that we don't know how to do PO?
    Also, we're doing an Infantry role and have had to beg to get Minimi issued. We've had our requests for UGL thrown back at us. We're hoping that we'll be getting 1st line ammo scales, but not holding our breath.

    Anyway, like I said, I'm a soldier, I'll follow orders, I've got my sleeping bag and can/will sleep anywhere - at least there will be plenty of that to look forward to...

    I'm sure that there will be plenty of abuse coming my way, but hey, it's water off a ducks back, as
    1. I'm not likely to check arrse for a while and
    2. the cloak of anonymity means that I couldn't care less!

  2. Join the club matey. Our flight has been delayed, brought forward, delayed indefinately then brought forward to the original date again...................then you sense a pattern emerging?
  3. it can only get better...wait until you board an RAF flight and after three hours flying they decide that the aircraft is u/s - so instead of pushing on to the destination (half an hour) they turn around and head home. Refreshments? You had them on the way out. Accommodation? Tomorrow's lift is in that. contact your unit in theatre? Of course, which hotel are they in, Marriott or Radisson?! Oh...well never mind your hire care hasn't been collected yet, you can sleep in that!
  4. I'm sure you're imagining all these problems - after all, didn't a Defence Minister only recently promise to sort out AT for the 'Stan deployment? See Lord Garden's posts in the 'Westminster' thread for details.

    The reality is that the RAF are operating elderly aircraft on very busy schedules - it's no wonder they go u/s so often. However, the RAF have a safety record second to none, and no-one would wish that to change. The other difficulty is that MoD are doubtless having problems chartering a/c for elsewhere to release RAF a/c, not least because they want to pay as little as possible.

    Do something about it - write to your MP and ask him to ask Reid to explain.
  5. Pay as little as possible? Except perhaps for ministerial flights? :roll: