Short Film to show the challenges of transition to civvy street.

Hi all,
just wondering if you could help me? I'm ex RAF (forgive me!) and am now a writer/actor/filmmaker and have been commissioned by the NHS to make a short film to show the difficulties people face when making the transition to civvy street.
I want the film to be completely authentic, so would really appreciate any comments about things you found difficult when making the transition, and also things that really helped. I'd especially love some funny stories that relate to transition, anyone think of anything?
Hi Carruthersclan3.

Sounds very interesting!!

If you're also looking for the positive angle about available services that are working to support service men and women transitioning out of the forces, then please have a look at RBLI's LifeWorks course.

It's a fully funded employability course designed specifically for Armed Forces leavers, regardless of when they served, who are transitioning out of the forces for the first time, or maybe have been out for some time and have found it challenging in Civvy Street. RBLI | LifeWorks+

Video : Served in the Armed Forces? You could be entitled to LifeWorks, a FULLY FUNDED employability course - YouTube

The course is delivered from our training centre in Aylesford in Kent (free on-site accommodation is available for delegates from across the country), but is being delivered in Preston and Edinburgh over the next weeks as well.

If you would like to discuss this further please feel free to drop me a line on 01622 795968.

Kind regards and all the best for your film.

Will Gowin
Thanks Will,
that's really interesting, although I'm not sure how much I could reference what you're doing as the flm is funded by the NHS in the NorthWest to promote the use of NHS commissioned services when helping veterans reintegrate into civvy street.
Do you have people referred to you by the NHS?

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