Short falls of medical equipment...

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Medical_Reserve, Mar 28, 2011.

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  1. What medical technology would you like to see in the battlefield?

    What are the common problems with particular injuries that there is currently no technology for? Either tech that simply doesn't exist, or a disconnect between surgery theatre and the battlefield?
  2. Wah, sales rep or jurno?
  3. Journo, got to be. On my last tour i had piles. I would have loved to have had them sorted in the field but i had to go back to the COB.
  4. Having your eyeballs gouged out with a spoon.
  5. Be nice to have a KHED...A device for extracting K*v H*g*e*
  6. Replacing lost limbs with those from a Tyrannasaurus Rex. Oh, and seeing if I really can fit an unlubed 155mm round up my hole without any embarrassing tearing.
  7. Robotic surgeon, not very good at it's job, but you want to see it do the Michael Jackson "moon walk"
  8. Not a journalist, or sales rep. CMT3 at the moment starting a research degree in Biomedical Engineering, would prefer my projects to be useful in the field. Inspired by things like the liquid bone and quikclot...
  9. How about modifying the AVRE so it can be used to operate on the patients who stink? Trust me, you'd make a bloody fortune.
  11. Current TA combat medic yeah, just finishing my undergrad, off down south for medical engineering MSc/PhD in summer. I'm currently doing my dissertation on pain and would be interested in my engineering project being related to pain relief(undergrad is in physiology/neuroscience). I'd rather work on something that i could see work myself, as i am not going to be based in a hospital through my PhD, but i will be deploying before/after it.

    Obviously im not deploying until after my 6 months lab project, so i cant really use my own experience with the kit other than the (very) few weekends we are now allowed to do (which after my PTI course, will leave me with **** all for the year). My commitment is max.27 days for the year due to the cuts...

    So like i said, any of you 'old hats' who have deployed would like to highlight a problem...

    P.S. if i was a journo the problems wouldn't exactly be shocking; blood loss, dirt in wounds, etc.

    Think of it another way, what tech from an OR would you like made pocketsize?
  12. Ok them.
    Just an anaesthetic machine i/c ICU-style ventilator AND monitoring and TIVA capacity, all in a suitcase-sized package, please.
    Oh, and can it be MRI compatabile as well as CE compliant? Please.
    On my desk by 08:00 would be great, thanks.
    Oh, and it needs to be able to to run on AD/DC, Battery, Solar-power(I hear that's useful these days!) petrol, kerosine, diesel, or room air. Thanks

    Oh, while you're at it, how about a muscle relaxant that works in under 30secs, has no unplesent side effects, is instantly reversable, is cardiovascular stable, doesn't make you eyes bulge or unload K+, has an indefinate shelf-life, doesn't need to be stored in a fridge and comes in a special device that you don't rip your thumb open with when trying to intubate a young eclampic mother
    That can be on the same desk by 9. Cheers!
  13. Yeh what he said, and plasters with smiley faces on for when i get a "boo boo".
  14. Bugger!
    Fogot the smiley faces(Note to self-you're not grey,pink nor fluffy, have a word with yourself!)
  15. That's the kind of thing i want to hear. I am not a pharmacologist though.

    At the moment ideas are focused on an analgesia device for field amputations - no effect on resp, some reports would help to prevent phantom limb pain and portable blood reperfusion system to help stem blood loss.