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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by merlin162, Jan 7, 2007.

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  1. Can anyone suggest a short ie 1 week course as I have 5 days paid special leave from work to use up. Serious suggestions please guys as I've already done my underwater basket weaving and SF knitting courses when a young sprog...........
  2. All Arms Recognition Instructors Course
  3. The Highland Kilt repair think I jest ? Ask your chief clerk for the little book of available courses that he (or she) hides away.
  4. I'm not sure if it's still offered, but I heard of a 3-day 'Endurance Training Leader' (ETL) course, which means you can take peeps out for a steady run or a tab, in lieu of a PTI.

    If you haven't got it already, B+E (i.e. your trailer licence) could probably be acheived in a week.

    Having seen an old Adventure Training course booklet, most of the courses are 1 week long (parachuting, gliding, skiing, mountain, diving, sailing, canoeing etc) ... so if you're at a loss for mil courses, you could start getting trained in AT.

    If you're still at a loss, the ASPT offer week long courses in many sports, but also things like, personal protection and life-guarding.

    However, there's probably a few good 'special-to-arm' courses dependent on your corps.
  5. Does anyone know if the above course (i.e. ETL), does exist and if it's still available, as to conduct CFT you require a "suitably qualified and indate PTI?
    Or is that because CFT is a test, and if you just take the troops out "on a TAB", then this other course(if it exists) will suffice?
  6. ETL is a 3 day course which can be run by a suitably qualified APTC QMSI. It qualifies NCOs & officers to take formed bodies on a steady state run or march (i.e. no other physical activities).

    It does not qualify anyone to run, supervise or test CFT or any other physical test; for that you still require a PTI.
  7. How does one enquire about these courses then? I have a rather long summer break and could do with filling it with courses!

  8. The EW course at Blandford only lasts a week I think
  9. So B_S,

    Is the ETL course one that is delivered somewhere each year, or is it something that has to be jacked up on a one off basis?

    I've searched around but can't seem to come up with any answers, although someone asked about it in 2005:

    My boss has given me the go ahead to do it, and now I can't find it :frustrated: