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Hi All

Just looking for a bit of advice really. This does sound like a stupid question with an obvious answer but what is the difference between a short back bergan and a long back bergan and which would yopu recommend for a short arse like myself?



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No, sorry its not a Wah!

Maybe i should explain this a bit better....

When looking at a different forum I came across a post in relation to getting pockets stitched onto bergans, and a few replies mentioned a shop in Brecon called Jay Jays or something like that and they sell them for about £125. Obviously its a fair bit to cough out, especially on something im not 100% sure on which would be the best for me, so i thought i'd get some advice first. And am I glad that my identity is hidden!!
I got a grade one shortback for £50 from a surplus shop in Bristol and it is like brand new. IIRC shortbacks are shorter and wider for the vertically challenged, longbacks are narrower and longer but both have the same capacity. I sell pathfinder bergans and these are based on the shortback but are a lot wider and have six external pockets.

Edited to add
If you're that short, stick with a patrol pack :D :D


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Thanks Rockhoppercrab.

I knew it was a stupid question but it had to be asked!!

I tried sticking with the patrol pack, but i couldn't fit my life into it, so it looks like it's short back bergan time for me!!!
I've used an issued short back bergan for years, however avoid sticking extra pouches on as the temptation will be to fill them with unnecessary kit.


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I suppose the temptation is there YS, but after one Ex with too much kit most lads will be able to get a grip & exercise some self-discipline.

Icecold, you can always try Troopers in Colchester, they do loads of these mods and are very reasonably priced.

Tel: 01206 511 268


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Cheers for all the advice everyone, and ill be careful not to take unnecessary kit out if I do get the bergan modified. Cheers again

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