Shorncliffe Barracks, Folkestone

Not sure if this is in the right section or not, but i'm just curious as to what regiments have been based at Shorncliffe Barracks in Folkestone. Currently its 1 Royal Gurkha Rifles. Maybe some of you guys were even based here yourselves. Cheers
There is no Shorncliffe Barracks as such. The place is more usually known as Shorncliffe Camp in which there were/are a number of barracks. The camp was born during the Napoleonic Wars when Sir John Moore established a training redoubt for the 95th Rifles. The area gradually developed into a large camp incorporating a number of barracks (Moore, Burgoyne, Somerset, Napier, Risborough, Ross, RASC Lines etc. as well as a large military hospital and the outlying Dibgate and St Martin's Plain Camps. There were also several coastal batteries and Martello Towers in the vicinity. There was also a School of Musketry nearby at Hythe along with the ranges.

Therefore, the regiments that have been based there are probably too numerous to mention.
Yes, St Martins Plain and Dibgate are in different sections of Folkestone. I think they are generally just training camps, been there multiple times with Cadets. Risborough, Sir John Moore and Napier are all in the same 'camp'. Who were there before the A+Su because they seemed to only be there for 2 years,
When I was in Dover (Old Park Bks) at the JLRRE in the early 80s, I had old school mates who were at Shorncliffe at the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion.
Argyll and Bolton wanders before the it was the Junior bleeder's

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The correct form is 1 A & SH, we were there in Sir John Moore Barracks from Jul 1993 (Advance Party arrive from Germany) to Sep 1995 (Rear Party leave for Edinburgh). I managed a grand total of 18 months in area and never spent a whole month in the camp, always on exercise/deployed/RAAT tasks/on the run, etc.


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